Credit Unions in Glasgow

Credit Unions in Glasgow

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Glasgow has more credit unions and more credit union members than any other city in the United Kingdom, 34 in total with over 120,000 members and a financial asset portfolio of over £170m.

Yes, that's right more than 1 in 5 people from Glasgow having made a conscious decision to join a credit union now enjoy a range of financial benefits as direct result of their credit union membership. 120,000 credit union members are extremely diverse in nature consisting from people from all groups within society, clearly demonstrating that credit unions really are for everyone.

The extensive network of credit unions in the City ensures that members (customers) are provided with access to an impressive range of competitive and high quality financial products and services to suit the needs of the individual member.

The credit union ethos is to always put people before profit leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction resulting in steady growth for credit unions unlike many of the so called 'High Street' banks.

This website focuses on the considerable financial benefits people enjoy as a result of becoming a member of a credit union. You too can enjoy these benefits by joining one or more of Glasgow's credit unions today.

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