Finance and Audit Scrutiny Committee Agenda - 24 March 2010, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at at 13:30 on 24 March 2010.

Number Item
1External Audit - Annual Audit Plan 2009/10 - Report by Audit Scotland. View Papers
2Audit Plan 2010/11 - Report by Head of Audit and Inspection. View Papers
3Summary Audit reports - Reports by Head of Audit and Inspection on: View Papers
(a)Corporate Review - Review of Non-Contract Spending; View Papers
(b)Corporate Services - The Financial Accounting Process; View Papers
(c)Education Services - Review of Additional Support for Learning Transport; View Papers
(d)Financial Services - Council Tax - Private Landlords Designated Signatory Scheme; View Papers
(e)Financial Services - Benefits - Maintaining a Skilled & Competent Workforce; View Papers
(f)Financial Services - Benefits - Management Checking; View Papers
(g)Financial Services - Benefits - Review of Strategic Planning Arrangements; View Papers
(h)Financial Services - Benefits - Working with Other Organisations; View Papers
(i)Financial Services - Non-Domestic Rates - Follow-up of Previous Audit Report and Review of Scheme of Authorisation; View Papers
(j)Financial Services - Members Expenses; View Papers
(k)Land and Environmental Services - Roads Costing System Application; View Papers
(l)Compliance with the Grants Manual - Landfill Community Fund, Lord Provost's Fund, The Glasgow Business Training Support Programme and Private Sector Housing Grants; and View Papers
(m)Social Work Services, Corporate Services and Land & Environmental Services - Cash Management & Collection  View Papers
4Follow up audits - Report by Head of Audit and Inspection on: View Papers
Financial Monitoring Reports. 
5Financial Monitoring Statements - Period 12 - 1st April 2009 to 12th February 2010. View Papers
Performance Monitoring. 
6Corporate Customer Care - Measures of Performance - Report by Executive Director of Corporate Services. View Papers
7Civic Hospitality - Approvals under delegared authority - Report by Executive Director of Corporate Services. View Papers
Work programme. 
8Common Good Fund - Budget 2010/11 - Report by Executive Director of Financial Services. View Papers
9Glasgow Household Survey, Autumn 2009 : Summary of Findings - Report by Chief Executive. View Papers