Glasgow City Council Agenda - 16 February 2017, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at City Chambers, Glasgow at 13:30 on 16 February 2017.

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1Minutes of Council meeting of 8th December 2016 (Print 6, pages 335 to 342). View Papers
2Print 6 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked "C", remaining paragraphs submitted for information and approval as a correct record only (page 343 onwards). View Papers
3Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
42017/18 Revenue Budget - Report by Acting Executive Director of Financial Services. View Papers
5Changes to committees etc - Local Licensing Forum - Remove Mr Michael McHugh and appoint Mr Bill Gold - Scottish Licensed Trade Association. View Papers
6Representation on outside bodies. View Papers
8Questions by Councillor Dr Martin Bartos:- View Papers
(a)"To ask the Executive Member with responsibility for Development and Regeneration, what progress is underway by the department with community organisations with regard to development of options for a city backed Glasgow Pound."
(b)"To ask the Executive Member for Social Justice what progress there may be on the development of possible parameters for a trial of a Basic/"Citizen's" Income scheme including any update on the cooperation, views or responses to this from relevant ministers and civil servants."
(c)"To ask the Leader of the Council (or relevant Executive Member), following the decision of Full Council on 14th May 2015, what steps have been taken in the Council family as a whole to ensure the signposting of adults to CPR/First Aid education."
(d)"To ask the Executive Member with responsibility for Education, following the decision of Full Council on 14th May 2015, what work has been undertaken by Education to implement the steps leading both to age appropriate instruction of how to deal with emergencies as well as the ambition that before the end of 2016 by school leaving age every Glasgow educated school pupil would have had training in basic CPR."
(e)"To ask the Executive Member with responsibility for Development and Regeneration, on how many occasions in the last 10 years has the Council issued a Section 179 Planning notice requiring the owner, lessee or occupier of land adversely affecting local amenity to take action."
(f)"To ask the Executive Member for Land and Environmental Services, whether she would agree with me that collecting pavement presented rubbish on a non-school day might allow easier active travel routes to school and that waste services should, where possible, be aligned to the needs of children and parents."
9Notices of motions:-
(a)By Councillor Alistair Watson:-

"Council recognises the importance of a modern transport system in connecting our communities; is deeply concerned about recent disruption to rail services, with rail passengers facing cancellations, delays and overcrowding amid rising fare prices for peak-time services which have increased by 1.9% and by 0.9% for off-peak; notes the cap on rush hour fares has risen by over 23 per cent since 2011; notes the Government's proposal to introduce a 'free week' for rail travel and believes that, however welcome, this will not help the vast majority of passengers who are not season ticket holders; understands that a third of all routes have services that are later more often than they are on time; supports a publicly owned People's ScotRail which will mean a better deal for commuters and put passengers before profit; further notes the 'Time to Take Back Control of UK Railways' campaign by the transport Unions, including TSSA, Action for Rail and Trade Unions Congress; and agrees that the Leader of the Council writes to the Transport Minister expressing this Council's concern and support for a publicly owned railway". View Papers
(b)By Councillor Kenny McLean:-

"Council notes national and city planning guidance which recommends mixed communities and mixed tenure in housing developments.

Council also notes with concern the over-concentration of certain types of tenures, such as purpose built student accommodation, in parts of the city and the concerns of the communities affected by them.

Council therefore resolves to amend supplementary guidance to the city development plan to ensure that the objectives of mixed tenures and mixed communities are achieved in Glasgow." View Papers
(c)By Councillor Dr Martin Bartos:-

"Council recognises the increasing challenges facing carers, unpaid contributors to society and low paid citizens - all of whom face the prospect of an increasingly challenging environment due to technological and economic upheaval. Council criticises the continuing absence of a sensible welfare and tax system which both respects the needs of people as human beings, underpins those needs for the wellbeing of all and both rewards and encourages paid and unpaid work.

Council notes the long-term political support for such a policy from Greens and others and recognises the need, as existed for the NHS, to design and persuade the wider public that a universal scheme could practically deliver.

Council notes the existing body of evidence of the pro-social effects a Universal Basic ("Citizens") Income system could deliver and notes consideration of different pilot schemes in Scotland and internationally. Council further notes the opportunities which could be provided for by changes in the political environment such as devolution of tax and welfare powers as well as consideration of local currency schemes.

Understanding the need to deliver on any opportunity to improve the circumstances of the citizens of Glasgow, Council agrees, in tandem with developing our own plans for a pilot scheme, to write to the organisers of other schemes globally to share knowledge and to instruct the Chief Executive to write to relevant ministers at Scottish and Westminster parliaments to seek their assistance with a visionary pilot scheme in Glasgow, with the transfer to the city of such powers and resources as would assist with our scheme." View Papers
(d)By Councillor Billy McAllister:-

"Council calls on the UK Conservative government to abandon its vindictive bedroom tax policy which they plan to implement in April 2019.

Council recognises the dire consequences of capping housing benefit for one bedroom properties in the private sector, which will result in many more tenants becoming homeless due to lack of affordability of rent. Westminster cuts have already affected thousands of families across Scotland under Conservative welfare legislation. The fate of many would have been worse had it not been for the mitigation and intervention of the Scottish Government extending financial aid in excess of 50 million to many vulnerable families.

Council calls on the Scottish Government to continue its' opposition to such welfare cuts." View Papers
(e)By Councillor Frank McAveety:-

"Council recognises the importance of the National Health Service and the need for it to be resourced for the future; recognises the commitment and dedication of Glasgow's NHS staff; is deeply concerned at recent figures which revealed that between January and November 2016 around 7000 operations were cancelled due to 'lack of capacity' or 'non-clinical reason by hospital'; is further alarmed that the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital recorded its worst ever accident and emergency waiting times at the end of last year, with just under 76% of A&E patients treated within four hours in the week ending 11 December; calls on all Glasgow MSPs to work together with the City Council to ensure that the people and communities of Glasgow have access to a world-class health service that meets patient's needs and makes our city a healthier home for all." View Papers
(f)By Baillie Elizabeth Cameron:-

"Council recognises the importance of education in ensuring that all of Glasgow's children and young people have the opportunity to achieve their potential; is concerned that support for the poorest students has been cut, with funding for the Educational Maintenance Allowance decreasing from 39.6million in 2016/17 budget to 29.6 million in 2017/18 and funding from the 'Inspiring Scotland's 14-19 year olds' fund decreasing from 4million in 2016/17 to 3million in 2017/18; believes that this is contrary to the Scottish Government's claim that education is a top priority; notes the significant work this Council has undertaken to support the poorest and most vulnerable young people; and calls upon the Scottish Government to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable students are adequately supported."  View Papers
(g)By Councillor Matt Kerr:-

"Council recognises the importance of ensuring that the most vulnerable in our communities are protected; notes the significant and persistent work this Council has been engaged in to tackle poverty and provide opportunities to all Glaswegians; further recognises in particular the work carried out by the Poverty Leadership Panel via the People Make Glasgow Fairer Strategy, including in work poverty support, homeless people card scheme for claiming job seekers allowance, increase in school clothing grant, and also the recent work of the Youth Commission; resolves to continue to tackle poverty across the city and protect the most vulnerable Glaswegians." View Papers
(h)By Bailie Dr Nina Baker:-

"Council notes that many Spanish cities are choosing to replace street names from the era of Franco's fascist regime with women's names. Council recognises that many of our best known streets bear the names of the wealthy slave owners from Glasgow's past and that, whilst these serve to remind us to strive to avoid past horrors, there are few streets named to recognise those who campaigned against them and even fewer streets named to honour the achievements of women in the city.

Council further recognises that Black History month is in October each year and that the annual Anti-Slavery Day as established by the Anti-Slavery Day Act 2010, is also in that month.

Council also notes that its policy on the naming of new streets, which prohibits the use of the names of people living or dead, was introduced in 1996 and not reviewed since then and that this constrains opportunities to recognise the contributions of such eminent women as Mary Barbour in our street names.

Council therefore agrees to implement a symbolic renaming of selected streets, to honour important women from Glasgow's past and Glasgwegians who campaigned for the abolition of slavery, for Anti-Slavery Day 2017 and also to review its policy on the naming of streets." View Papers
(i)By Councillor Martha Wardrop:-

"Council recognises that 26th February 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the attack on the town of Khojaly in Azerbaijan by the invading Armenian forces; expresses sympathy to the families of the 613 men, women and children who were killed during this attack; notes that the UN Security Council resolutions 822, 853, 874 and 884, which call on the Armenian forces to end the occupation of Azerbaijan, remain unfulfilled; is concerned about the recent reported escalation in tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan; considers the events in Khojaly a sobering reminder of the terrible damage that can be inflicted in wartime and the enduring need for greater understanding, communication and tolerance among people around the world; understands that Azerbaijanis living in Scotland and around the globe observe 26th February 2017 every year as a day of remembrance, honouring the victims of the Khojaly massacre, and hopes that, through highlighting the anniversary of the tragedy, international efforts to find a lasting peaceful resolution to this long-standing conflict will be renewed." View Papers