Glasgow City Council Agenda - 30 March 2017, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at City Chambers, Glasgow at 13:30 on 30 March 2017.

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1Minutes of Council meeting of 16th February 2017 (Print 7, pages 425 to 508). View Papers
2Print 7 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked "C", remaining paragraphs submitted for information and approval as a correct record only (page 439 onwards). View Papers
3Minutes of Planning Applications Committee of 21st March 2017. View Papers
4Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
5Changes to committees etc.
6Representation on outside bodies - City Building (Contracts) LLP - Appoint Mr Stephen Crichton, Head of Corporate Finance. View Papers
8Questions. View Papers
9Notices of motions:-
(a)By Bailie Elizabeth Cameron:-

"Council recognises the importance of ensuring that children have the chance to learn and achieve their potential; further recognises the importance of a high quality education environment in supporting our commitment to improving educational attainment and providing a nurturing approach in all of our schools; welcomes the continued investment in the school estate to ensure that children across Glasgow have the best education facilities possible and notes that by the end of this year, 256m of investment will have been committed to renovating and rebuilding schools across the city; further notes that over 609m has been committed to improving the pre-12 and additional support for learning estate within the city since 2001; recognises the steps taken to sustaining improved attainment at primary and secondary schools; and looks forward to the forthcoming opening of schools, campuses and nurseries currently under construction at: Broomhill PS, Gowanbank Campus, Dalmarnock NS, Clyde Campus, along with the forthcoming construction of primary schools in Dalmarnock, Sighthill, Blairdardie and Carntyne". View Papers
(b)By Councillor Susan Aitken:-

"This Council is for Glasgow. This Council is for Glaswegians.

Council notes that, simultaneously, there are many opportunities and challenges facing Glasgow. It is our job, collectively, as councillors to respond to the issues which matter to citizens, business and local organisations.

Council recognises that those who use the services provided by the Council wish to see open and transparent governance, a new approach to community empowerment and engagement as well as continuing to improve the quality of vital public services to Glaswegians.

Council therefore calls on the Chief Executive to prepare the Council for significant change following the local authority election on Thursday, 4th May 2017." View Papers
(c)By Councillor Martha Wardrop:-

"Council acknowledges the benefits of closing the street in front of a school to provide a pedestrian and cycle-only zone at set times in the morning and afternoon. This can help to create a safer, more pleasant environment which promotes active travel to school by walking and cycling, in turn reducing congestion and air pollution in local communities.

Council supports the development of the School Streets Initiative as a pilot scheme where schools can seek to improve road safety at school opening and closing times.

Council agrees to consult schools, parents and residents on the development of the School Streets Initiative." View Papers
(d)By Councillor Billy McAllister:-

"Council calls on the UK Conservative government to abandon its vindictive bedroom tax policy which they plan to implement in April 2019. Council recognises the dire consequences of capping housing benefit for one bedroom properties in the private sector, which will result in many more tenants becoming homeless due to lack of affordability of rent. Westminster cuts have already affected thousands of families across Scotland under Conservative welfare legislation. The fate of many would have been worse had it not been for the mitigation and intervention of the Scottish Government extending financial aid in excess of 50m to many vulnerable families. Council calls on the Scottish Government to continue its opposition to such welfare cuts." View Papers
(e)By Councillor Shabbar Jaffri:-

"It is acknowledged that Glasgow City Council operates an equal opportunities policy to employ people from all walks of life including those from BME communities. However, the number of BMEs working in the Council family is not a fair representation of the BME population residing in the city.

Furthermore, there is a severe shortage of senior grade appointments and promotions from within the BME community who are employed by Glasgow City Council.

The Chief Executive is asked to give an undertakening to review the Council's current policies of recruitment, employment and promotion and to make an improvement in them with a view to encouraging more members of the BME community to successfuly gain employment with Glasgow City Council including at higher graded positions." View Papers
(f)By Councillor Matt Kerr:-

"Council recognises the importance of ensuring that the most vulnerable in our communities are protected; notes the significant and persistent work this Council has been engaged in to tackle poverty and provide opportunities to all Glaswegians; further recognises in particular the work carried out by the Poverty Leadership Panel and the People Make Glasgow Fairer Strategy and also the work of the Youth Commission; and resolves to continue to tackle poverty across the city and protect the most vulnerable Glaswegians." View Papers
(g)By Councillor Frank McAveety:-

"Council recognises MCR Pathways which aims to help raise the attainment and aspirations of thousands of Glasgow's young people, many of whom may not have a steady influence in their lives; notes that the programme is already firmly established in 15 city secondary schools, supporting hundreds of vulnerable people on a daily basis; congratulates the project on winning the Scottish Mentoring Network 'Most Promising Education Project of the Year' in 2014 and winner in the Herald Society Awards 2016; welcomes the decision in August 2016 to formalise and secure the long-term future of the programme by signing a public social partnership agreement with MCR Foundation, the Robertson Trust, STV Appeal and the Life Changes Trust; notes this Council's commitment to attract at least 10% of its workforce to the pioneering project; encourages Council employees who would like to support a young person to take part and make a difference to a young person's life; and wishes all those involved in the project every success for the future". View Papers
(h)By Bailie Anne Simpson:-

"Council is concerned at findings of a recent study which revealed that young carers in Scotland are more likely to suffer from mental health problems, stress and sleep disorders than their peers; notes with concern that research found that a quarter of young carers are caring for someone on their own and a similar proportion are looking after more than one person; also notes some positive findings from the report, including the importance which younger carers placed on school; resolves to continue to do everything it can to support young carers; and calls on the Scottish Government to ensure that the new mental health strategy guarantees that all young people, particularly young carers, have access to appropriate mental health services."  View Papers
(i)By Bailie Hanif Raja:-

"Glasgow City Council expresses its disappointment at the European Court of Justice's decision to allow employers to ban their workers from wearing a headscarf (and for that matter other political, philosophical or religious symbols) at work; agreed that this ruling will make it even more difficult for Muslim women who wear a headscarf to enter the job market in the future; agrees with Amnesty International that this will open a backdoor to prejudice and at a time when identity and appearance have become a political battleground, people need more protection against prejudice, not less; recognises that this is part of a worrying trend of increasing Islamophobia across mainland Europe; also expresses concern at the rising support for anti-Muslim parties and politicians including Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Marine Le Pen in France; recognises that we must all redouble our efforts to confront Islamophobia across Europe." View Papers