Development Plan

The Emerging City Development Plan for Glasgow

City Plan 2 is the adopted local plan for Glasgow, which is used as the basis for assessing development proposals.

The City Council has a duty to prepare, and keep up-to-date, a Local Development Plan (LDP) for Glasgow.  As well as setting out the Council's land use strategy for the coming years, the LDP will provide a basis for assessing planning applications.  To ensure that the City's coverage remains up-to-date and relevant, the City Council is preparing a new LDP for Glasgow which, on completion (scheduled to be 2014), will replace City Plan 2.  In doing so, it is important to take on board the views of the public and other interested parties.  If you would like information on the timetable of the emerging Local Development Plan please click pdf icon Development Plan Scheme [645kb]

Main Issues Report

The first key phase of public consultation during the production of the new LDP was on the Main Issues Report (MIR), it aimed at encouraging discussion on the key changes that have occurred since City Plan 2 was prepared, and at identifying the main issues that the LDP is likely to address, as well as the Council's ideas as to where development should and should not take place.  The MIR was accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Interim Environmental Report and City Plan 2 Monitoring Statement.

Further Information

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