Glasgow's Trees
Information on Glasgow's protected trees

Information on Environmental Engineering

Information on Geodiversity Charter

Parks & Outdoors
Find out about our Parks and Open Spaces
Public Health
Advice and information about Public Health

Environmental Control Unit
How to contact the Enforcement Unit

Sustainable Projects

Sustainable Glasgow
Information on Sustainable Glasgow Project

Glasgow's Green Year 2015
Information on Glasgow's Green Year 2015

Stalled Spaces
Promoting use of vacant and under utilised land

Communal Gardens
Information on Glasgow's Communal Gardens

Business Awards
How to Apply for Environmental Business Awards

Waste and Energy Projects

Residual Waste Strategy
Information on Waste Management Systems

Energy Management
Energy Management and use of Renewable Sources

European Energy/Sustainable City Planning Project

Refuse & Recycling
Information on Refuse and Recycling Services

Information on Pollution Improvement
Public Toilets
Location of Public Toilet Facilities
Watercourses, Rivers and Flooding
Flood Risk Management
Information on Flood Risk Management

Land Drainage
Information on Flooding and Watercourses

Find out more about our Rivers in Glasgow

Tidal Weir
Information on Pipe Bridge and Tidal Weir

Information on Pontoon Availability
Strategies and Action Plans
Core Paths Plan
Aims to provide a "Connected Glasgow"
Open Space Strategy
Development of the Open Space Audit Strategy

Local Biodiversity Action Plan
Information on Species and Habitat Action Plans

Environmental Links
Further Environmental information