Electoral Registration Office


Local Authorities are responsible for running elections in their area. Part of this process involves creating a list of all eligible voters who have registered to vote within each Local Authority Boundary. This list is called the Register of Electors or Electoral Register but is more commonly referred to as the Voter's Roll.

Once compiled the register allows the Electoral Registration Officer to send out Polling Cards prior to Polling Day as well as provide lists of eligible voters to Polling Stations.

The candidates you vote for in a particular election will depend on the ward or constituency you are registered in but you do not need to attend a Polling Station to make your vote. You can apply for an absent vote where you can vote by post or have someone else vote on your behalf if you are unable to attend the polling station.

Individual Electoral Registration

From 19 September 2014 the way in which you register to vote has changed.

Individual Electoral Registration (IER) is replacing household registration and requires each individual to register themselves and provide their National Insurance number and date of birth. These details are checked with national databases and other council records to verify identity before an individual can be added to the Register.

This provides a more accurate Register of Electors and offers a more convenient way to register as you can now apply online .

What to Expect

Anyone registering to vote will have to follow the new procedure.

The current register will be matched against national databases and if your details match you will be automatically registered under IER and issued with an acknowledgement letter. If you are unmatched you will be issued with a form requesting further information.

There will be a transitional canvass starting in October to assist with the matching process and to ensure that individuals are registered correctly and are aware of any action they need to take to secure their registration.

Contact Details

If you require further information please contact the Electoral Registration Officer:

Glasgow City Council
Electoral Registration Officer
PO Box 15311
G4 7DL

Phone: 0141 287 4444

Fax: 0141 287 7519

E-mail: voters.roll@fs.glasgow.gov.uk

If you require further information please contact the Electoral Registration Officer: