Assisting Businesses in Sustainability

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Compliance and responsibilities - environment and efficiency

Successful businesses are those that plan for long-term, sustainable development, taking into account the social and environmental impacts of their activities.

This means considering the effect of every part of your business on the environment and society. Simply put, your business should have minimal negative effect on the wider world.

Taking a sustainable approach should be good for your business. There may be some costs in changing the way your business operates but these should quickly be outweighed by gains from improved resource efficiencies, greater energy savings, enhanced overall environmental performance and an increase in new business opportunities.

For more information, go to the Business Gateway site to read through their guide on making your business more sustainable.

Work out your footprint

If you want to cut your energy costs and green your business, you first need to be able to measure how much energy you're using and where you're using it.
Use the services on the Carbon Trust Scotland website to measure your carbon footprint and your energy use.
Carbon Management Programme

Glasgow City Council has also developed a Carbon Management Programme (CMP) in partnership with the Carbon Trust with the target of reducing current emissions by 20% by 2013.

This is equal to approximately a cut of 8,000 tonnes of C02 per year which will be achieved through a range of energy efficiency, transport and recycling projects.

For more details of the CMP or for information on the specific projects contained in the Implementation Plan please contact:

Sustainable Development Group
Land and Environmental Services
Exchange House
231 George Street
G1 1RX

Phone: 0141 287 8685