How much does your business spend on energy every year? Get help to reduce your carbon through the Carbon Trust Scotland.

Do you spend more than £30k annually on your energy bills? You can apply for a free survey to be done in your business by Carbon Trust - typically yielding a 20% savings in energy costs.


Energy Saving Trust Scotland are providing interest free loans of £500 to £50,000 to all organisations including government, businesses and the public sector in Scotland.

Funded by Transport Scotland, the scheme aims to support organisations that want to reduce the carbon impact and fuel costs of their transport and travel arrangements with new, more efficient alternatives.

More information on the Energy Saving Trust Scotland website

Make money from low carbon

Low carbon is an increasingly dominant feature of the market with many businesses already profiting. Rich in natural resources and expert talent, Scotland is well placed to capitalise on the global move to sustainability.

Businesses of every size and sector will be affected by the low carbon economy. And those who act quickly stand to profit and save soonest.

Low carbon isn't just about specialist industries like renewable energy and alternative fuels. These sectors will expand hugely in Scotland, but existing firms and industries stand to gain too.

Any business can become a low carbon business. And since every company is unique, each will have its own route in to low carbon working.

Watch the Scottish Enterprise webinar on how to capitalise on low carbon

Download the pdf icon Scottish Enterprise Low Carbon Guide [1Mb]

Recognition for sustainable businesses

Many Glasgow-based companies, working in a range of sectors, have already become more competitive and profitable through low carbon. Read about their experiences, the challenges they faced and their tips for others.

Tell us about your business and how you are working sustainably or making money from low carbon - submit a case study or news story to:

Environmental business award scheme

Rewarding Glasgow's Businesses for Improving our Environment

Glasgow City Council runs an award scheme which rewards the business community in Glasgow for environmental excellence.

More information here.

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