Youth Justice Teams

  • The Social Work Youth Justice Teams are based in each of the Area Social Work Services and are responsible for the case management of young people aged 12-21 who are involved in both the Children's and Adult systems
  • In conjunction with other agencies, workers will undertake assessments, write reports for the Children's Hearing and the Courts, develop individual action plans based on the young person's needs and risks, undertake direct work with the young person to address these needs and risks and review progress and developments regularly.

Intensive Support and Monitoring Service (ISMS)

  • ISMS is a multi-agency intervention, involving Social Work, Includem, Youth Addictions, Education, Forensic Child and Adult Mental Health Service (FCAMHS), Voluntary Agencies and others. A young person subject to an ISMS order could be required to remain at home or some other specified location, for a period of up to 12 hours per day.
  • Compliance with this condition is monitored by an electronic tag. In addition to this monitoring, any subject to a 'tag' also receives an intensive package of support, of up to 50 hours per week, which is tailored to address their individual needs and deeds.

Intensive Support and Monitoring Service (ISMS) Alternative to Remand (ATR)

  • The ISMS ATR service aims to tackle the ever increasing numbers of young people remanded to secure accommodation. The service works with young people aged under 18 for whom the Procurator Fiscal is opposing Bail and is heavily based on the current ISMS model of service.
  • A small practice team has been established that works between the ISMS base and the Sheriff Court. All existing agencies that are currently involved in the ISMS Service are also key partners in this service too.

Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST)

  • Multi-systemic Therapy is an intensive family and community based intervention that targets the multiple causes of serious anti-social behaviour in young people. MST works with the individual, family and all the systems in a young person's ecology such as peers, school and community during the assessment and treatment process. It is aimed at preventing out of home placements and anti-social behaviour
  • MST targets young people (aged 12-17years) who are subject to a supervision requirement by the Children's Hearings System and who are displaying challenging behaviours at home, school or in the community, and are at risk of being placed out of the family home. Referrals can be made through Children and Family Services, the Youth Justice Forums, Secure Screening, ISMS and other intensive services or CAMH teams.

Youth Justice Forums

  • The Youth Justice Forums involve each of the main agencies responsible for service provision to young people involved in offending behaviour in Glasgow including Social Work, the Police, the Children's Reporter Authority, Glasgow Community Safety Services, Health, Education and Culture & Sport. Representatives from these agencies come together to discuss the needs and offending behaviour of the young people and then jointly decide how they can best offer their services to reduce offending and improve lives.

Youth Justice Intensive Services
Youth Justice Intensive Services offer support to young people with a range of complex needs who may be involved or at risk of becoming involved in offending. A reconfiguration of Intensive Services is currently underway. More information on new services will be available here soon

  • Young Women's Project: The Young Women's Project is an intensive support project for vulnerable and high risk young women aged 12-18 at risk or with experience of sexual violence and who may be involved in offending behaviour
  • Intensive Support and Monitoring Service: This team offers support to young people involved in high end offending