Corridor2 - Great Western Road

Streamline Corridor 2

Great Western Road

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Route Description

The corridor extends along the length of Great Western Road from Knigtswood through Anniesland, Hyndland, Hillhead and Kelvinbridge to the city centre.


Works on the the Great Westerrn Road Streamline corridor were substantially completed in 2006.
The main elements of the scheme comprise:-

  • 1215 metres of peak hour bus, taxi and cycle lanes operational Monday to Saturday from 7:00am to 9:30am and 4:00pm to 6:30pm:
    • Eastbound approach to Baldwin Avenue
    • Westbound approach to Knightswood Road
    • Eastbound approach to Bearsden Road
    • Westbound from Whittinghame Drive to Dorchester Avenue
    • Eastbound from Whittinghame Drive to Leicester Avenue
    • Eastbound from Leicester Avenue to Cleveden Road
    • Westbound approach to Shelley Road
    • Westbound approach to Horslethill Road
    • Eastbound approach to Queen Margaret Drive
    • Westbound approach to Byres Road
    • Eastbound Buckinghame Street to Hamilton Park Avenue
    • Westbound Melrose Street to Dunearn Street
  • 3 bus boarders provided to improve bus access and maximise parking.
  • 11 bus stops were amended to improve access and efficient flow through junctions.
  • 200 metres of additional unrestricted parking provided.
  • 1390 metres (253 spaces) of pay and display parking provided at shops.
  • 33 loading bays provided.

Initial Review

The pdf icon initial review (PDF 132k) [131kb] of the measures implemented is ongoing for this corridor. The initial review report covering Great Western Road was circulated for stakeholder consultation in August 2007.
Following consideration of the feedback received from stakeholder consultation on the above reports, the following amendments are being progressed.

Great Western Road amendments will be published here shortly.

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