Houses for Private Ownership

The initial development of private houses is by the lead developer, Bett Homes (part of the Gladedale Group). For information on the properties for sale by Bett Homes, please see link below.

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Bett Homes

Other house builders will be involved in the project as the development proceeds.

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Architects' drawing of the first new private housing in Oatlands, completed five years ago at Ritz Place

The private houses already completed include:

  • 44 flats in four- and six-storey blocks at Ritz Place (above) overlooking the main site entrance;
  • 51 flats in six-storey. riverside blocks at Haughview Terrace;
  • 20 three-storey townhouses in Provost Way, Dolphington Avenue and Midhope Drive;
  • 60 flats (including penthouse flat) in tenemental-style blocks at Richmond Park Gardens and Oatlands Square;
  • 36 two-storey terraced houses in Fauldhouse way and Newliston Drive;

Total completed as at November 2012 - 211 dwellings.

Private Houses under construction in Oatlands are:

  • 32 flats in the four-storey tenemental block along the north side  of Oatlands Square (well underway; the two blocks to the west, next to the bowling club and the river will follow);
  • 12 two-storey, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom, terraced houses out of 18 with planning permission on the east side of Logan Gardens. Potential buyers will be attracted not only by the overall quality and planning of the development, but by the proximity of such spacious family houses to the City Centre;

Total under construction as at November 2012 - 44.

A planning permission was granted in October 2012 for 32 additional two-storey houses at Elmfoot Gardens, including not only terraced dwellings but detached and semi-detached for the first time in Oatlands.

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Drawing of new riverside housing in Haughview Terrace, now completed

The picture above shows some of the six-storey flats on the banks of the River Clyde, with views across to Fleshers Haugh (the southern part of Glasgow Green). The carefully considered modern design, in accordance with the Council's design brief, uses the same palette of building materials as on the rest of the Oatlands site.