Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Future Cities Demonstrator Competition - Glasgow City Management system

The Future Cities Demonstrator competition, managed and funded by the government's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, saw Glasgow secure the major funding in an open competition against 30 other UK cities.

This large-scale, city-wide, demonstrator will show what can be achieved by innovative use of today's technology. The results from Glasgow's demonstrator will be made available to innovative UK businesses and will provide valuable learning to enable them to test and develop integrated new urban solutions and technologies that can be sold around the world.

At its simplest, the project will allow Glasgow to develop a one-stop shop City Dashboard which will help monitor city systems from traffic lights and CCTV to air quality monitoring and street lighting faults and services like hospital waiting times and journey planning.

Free Electric Vehicle Charging

Glasgow City Council offers free electric vehicle charging and free parking at a network of Plugged in Places around the city.

Parking is free while charging at new on-street charging points.

Parking at charging points in City Parking multi-storey car parks is free for the first two hours. Motorists can pay to park longer and the electricity is free at all times.

The council received a grant of £215,000 from Transport Scotland to install Electric Vehicle charging points within Glasgow as part of the Plugged in Places programme. The council is funding the electricity.

Find out more about Free Electric Vehicle Charging

Energy Services

Sustainable Glasgow is investigating a range of options towards the establishment of an Energy Services Company (ESCo) for the city.

Glasgow City Heat Map

Scottish Government have agreed to support Sustainable Glasgow in the development of a city heat map. This process is now underway and will support the work of the Step-Up project.

District Heating

Glasgow has an increasingly significant number of district heating projects under development, involving the public, private and not for profit sector; with each of these concentrated on localised issues.


STEP-UP is an energy and sustainable city planning programme that aims to provide cities with the tools and approaches necessary to enhance and integrate energy planning into their sustainable city planning. A partnership of twelve organisations, the programme is working together with local government, research and commercial partners in the European cities of:

  • Ghent
  • Glasgow
  • Gothenburg
  • Riga

STEP-UP aims to bring together excellence in energy planning and low carbon energy projects from these four cities to create a coherent and easy-to-use model for energy planning. The programme is part of the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and runs to April 2015.

Visit the Step-up website for more information.