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Glasgow City Centre 20 mph Zone - Frequently Asked Questions

Following the recent consultation on the city centre speed limit a 20 mph zone will be introduced from the 21 March 2016.

Will all main roads into the city be affected?

No they won't. Only streets within the city centre area bounded by Newton Street to the west, by West Graham Street/Cowcaddens Road to the north, by (but including) High Street/Saltmarket to the east and by the River Clyde to the south will have the new lower 20 mph speed limit.

Radial commuter routes such as Paisley Road West, Great Western Road, Springburn Road, London Road, Victoria Road and Eglinton Street will not be affected by these proposals.

How will I know when entering the zone?

A sign as shown on each side of the road will mark the start of the zone.Entry

How will I know when exiting the zone?

A sign as shown on each side of the road will mark the end of the zone.Exit

Will speed bumps be installed across the city centre?

There will be no speed humps installed as part of this project.

The grid pattern of streets and timing adjustments to traffic signalised junctions will control traffic movements across the city centre without the need for additional traffic calming measures.

Entry points to the city centre 20 mph zone will be highlighted by standard 20 mph speed limit traffic signs and carriageway markings. Additional signage including vehicle activated signs will be considered at key city centre gateways.

Will journeys take longer?

The compact area of the city centre and traffic signal controls means that any increase in journey time will not be significant.

Indeed a slower, smoother flow of traffic could reduce some overall journey times. This is backed up by research from other cities.

Will drivers adhere to the lower 20 mph speed limit and who will enforce it?

National evidence indicates that well signed 20 mph speed limits can help reduce traffic speeds and accident rates. As for other speed limits, enforcement will fall within the remit of Police Scotland.

Speed surveys across the city centre show mean traffic speeds between 19 and 23 mph indicating that the proposed 20 mph limit will for the most part be self‐enforcing.


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