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North Kelvin and North Woodside Parking Controls

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The statutory process for the introduction of parking controls is now complete, the associated signing and lining works are due to commence on 2 August 2021.

These parking controls will remove the current parking problem and create better parking availability for residents and local businesses.

Update 13 January 2022

The reprogrammed works planned for Sunday 12 December on Barr Street, Callander Street and Hopehill Road (north section) were successfully completed.

The works programmed for the week commencing 13 December 2021 for Grovepark Street, Grovepark Court, Hopehill Road (south section) and Hopehill Gardens have also been successfully completed.

A revised programme for the remaining lining works has now been finalised and agreed commencing 17 January 2022 at Garrioch Quadrant, Garrioch Drive and Garrioch Crescent.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) notices and yellow works boards have been erected in advance of these works and yellow cones will be placed before Monday 17 January 2022.

Parking attendants will be in attendance daily to assist with the works.

Glasgow City Council would again respectfully request that vehicles be removed from the appropriate streets during the temporary restrictions to facilitate quick completion of the road lining works to minimise disruption.

Update 10 December 2021

The works programme for the weeks commencing 22nd November and 6th December are now complete with the exception of Hopehill Road (north section), Callander Street and Barr Street due to logistical issues relating to the COVID assessment facility at the Health Centre on Barr Street.

These have now been reprogrammed for Sunday 12 December weather permitting. Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) notices and yellow works boards have been erected in advance of these works and yellow cones have been placed on Friday 10 December.

Parking attendants will be in attendance on Sunday 12 December to assist with works.

Update: 18 November 2021

The ongoing roadworks programme in relation to the North Kelvin and North Woodside was temporarily halted at the beginning of October 2021 which has regrettably delayed the road lining works programme. These works will now recommence on Monday 22 November 2021. The new programme has only been agreed up to 17 December 2021 at this time due to previous issues experienced in this project and due to possible inclement weather that may occur.

These lining works are extremely weather dependent and are more likely to be affected during the winter months. Progress will be closely monitored and further works will be programmed in 2022 to complete the remaining road lining works. Please refer to the Road Closure Timetable within the Programme of Works section for updates.

Considerable challenges have been experienced throughout the roadworks programme, in particular the regrettable lack of co-operation from vehicle users to ensure their vehicles are moved away during the enforceable temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) restrictions placed on roads to enable the undertaking of the necessary road lining works.

Although the Council were using the services of a recovery company to move vehicles during the TTRO enforcement days, the high volume of vehicles encountered at numerous locations required the works to be postponed. As such, all the resources that were arranged during these closures remained idle and subsequently cancelled.

As a result of these significant issues, the lining contractor appointed to undertake these works stepped down from the contract. The Council has assigned another lining contractor from the Council's framework and have programmed the recommencement of the works for Monday 22 November 2021.

Due to the issues regarding vehicles obstructing the works programme and disregarding the enforceable TTRO's, the Council officers have agreed on more robust measures to ensure compliance with the temporary restrictions being placed to enable the successful completion of the works.

These measures will include issuing a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to vehicles observed within the temporary restrictions. It is unfortunate these measures are now being considered, however the issues experienced to date cannot continue as these will seriously affect the implementation date of the parking controls.

Yellow works boards and TTRO notices will be erected 5 working days in advance of the temporary restrictions to provide sufficient advanced notice to vehicle owners.

Parking controls, permit prices and parking charges

  • Shared use parking bays for permit holders or those who wish to pay to park 
  • The chargeable hours for the shared use parking bays is Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm,
  • Those who wish to pay to park during these hours can do so for a maximum stay of 3 hours at a charge of 20p for 15 minutes for the first hour, then 40p for every 15 minutes thereafter.
  • Resident parking permits at a cost of £85 per annum or £23.75 quarterly
  • Business parking permits at a cost of £650 per annum
  • Residents' visitors parking permits at a cost of £2 for a set 6 hour period
  • Resident and business permit holders can park without limit of time
  • Enforceable disabled parking bays
  • Enforceable motorcycle parking bays
  • New bus parking bay on Hinshaw Street
  • New ambulance parking bay on Doncaster Street
  • New Car Club parking bays.
  • New electric vehicle (EV) parking bay with EV charger.
  • New Loading Only places Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm
  • Taxi Rank to remain at existing location on Queen Margaret Drive

New one way systems are also being introduced as part of this scheme to maximise parking capacity and reduce through traffic within the area. These include:-

  • Botanic Crescent - South-eastwards, from Kelvin Drive to Kelvin Drive.
  • Braeside Street - Northwards, from Dalmally Street to Maryhill Road.
  • Garrioch Crescent - Westwards, from Garrioch Road to Garrioch Drive.
  • Garrioch Quadrant - Westwards, from Garrioch Drive to Garrioch Road.
  • Kelvinside Gardens - Eastwards, from Wilton Court to Kelvinside Gardens East.
  • Kelvinside Gardens East - Northwards, from Kelvinside Gardens to Fergus Drive.
  • Lyndhurst Gardens - Southwards, from Dalmally Street to Wilton Street.
  • Wilton Drive - Northwards, from Wilton Street to Dalmally Street.
  • Wilton Street -   Eastwards, from Yarrow Gardens eastwards for a distance of 37 metres.
    - North-westwards, from Doune Gardens Lane to Wilton Street.
    - South-westwards, from Wilton Street to Yarrow Gardens Lane

How to apply for your resident / business parking permit

Application forms for resident and business parking permits are not currently available.

These will become available once we have progressed the lining and signing works to a stage where an effective date to commence enforcement can be established.

Once this date has been agreed, details on how to apply will be provided, ensuring that we allow sufficient time for all applications to be processed.

Programme of works

The lining works are commencing prior to the signing programme. The first signs to be installed will be the zone entry/ exit signs. Temporary yellow overlays will be placed on all these signs to highlight to the public that upcoming parking controls are being introduced to this area and will provide them with the web address to find out more information.

The majority of road lining works will be facilitated by phased road closures to ensure the work is carried out as quickly and with as little disruption as possible.

During these road closures it is also hoped to carry out road cleansing operations at the same time.

On-street notification will be given prior to any road closure.  It is imperative that vehicles are not left parked within the road closure site during the times stated.  Any vehicles parked within the road closure sites during these times will be subject to a Penalty Charge Notice and may be removed if necessary.

Access to properties and businesses within each road closure site will be available subject to on-going operations and officers will be on site to help with entering or exiting the road closure site safely.

Following completion of the road closure programme, the lining of the main routes, which include Queen Margaret Drive and Hotspur Street, will be facilitated by temporary restrictions and yellow coning only. It is imperative that vehicles are not left in these areas during the times stated on the on-street notification.

It should be noted that road lining works is weather dependant which means that poor weather can cause delays. If this happens then these works will be added to the end of the existing programme. Details of this will be made available.

Further information

We would like to thank you for your patience while these works are undertaken. I apologise for any disruption that these works may cause.

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