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Glasgow City Council

Autism Resource Centre (ARC)

Contact the Autism Team

  • Phone 0141 276 5252




What services are available from ARC?

The following services are available:

  • Information services - this service is available in person, over the phone, by email or in writing. There are three public access computers which you can use to research autism spectrum disorders and service users who attend the ARC can use the computer to access the internet and / or do coursework.  You can also make an appointment to see the Information and Education Officer if you wish to discuss particular information needs.
  • One-to-one guidance - adults with autism spectrum disorders can get one-to-one information and support on some common everyday issues. Staff may not always be available, so it is always a good idea to make an appointment.
  • Services for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - as well as information and one-to-one guidance, adults on the spectrum can access training to help them understand their condition, receive advice to deal with one-off problems, be signposted towards other relevant sources of support, have the opportunity to meet other adults, and participate in social groups run by the ARC and / or partner organisations.

How can I access the services at ARC?

Access to the information service is open to anyone living or working in the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde area who has an interest in autism, be it personal or professional.

Adults with autism (including Asperger syndrome) who are interested in participating in activity groups at the ARC should contact staff to discuss what is available. Staff will then explain if there are access requirements, (for example whether or not you need to be referred by your GP, social worker or other professional). 

What training is available at the ARC?

The Autism Centre provides training which is open to everyone.  Training includes one-day autism awareness training and advanced training aimed at professionals working in a support role with people who have autism.

Our One-Day Autism Awareness training is available free to Glasgow City Council / NHS staff who work within the Glasgow City area, parents / carers and people with autism who live within Glasgow City. It is also available on an outreach basis to teams and organisations, including the private and social care sector (charges apply) and to parents, carers and people with autism from outside Glasgow City (charges apply).

Please contact us for costs or if you have any specific training request : 0141 276 5252.

The following training courses are available:

  • One Day Autism Awareness Training:
    This course is aimed at people with little or no knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as well as those who require a refresher and who seriously want to make a difference in the lives of individuals with ASD. Participants will acquire knowledge, information and strategies for good practice.
  • One Day Bespoke Training (Organisations):
    The morning session is spent learning about ASD. The training format is centred on case studies, previously submitted by the organisation, that allows participants to put what they have learned into practice. This guarantees that the staff will finish the day with appropriate strategies to put in place when they go back to the workplace.
  • Advanced Autism Training (8 week programme):
    Making a difference by changing practice is the aim of this course. The course consists of 6 modules over 7 half-days and one full day module. It requires participants to closely examine their working practice in relation to individuals with ASD with whom they are involved.
  • Client-specific training:
    For new / existing care packages with an individual staff team - normally minimum of 5 days.
    The care team will have undertaken one day autism awareness training or equivalent. The aim of this training is to provide staff with a more detailed understanding of how to support the individual.


What is an Autism Alert Card and how do I get one?

The card can be presented to staff (not just emergency personnel) in all kinds of situations where communication is difficult for the person who has an ASD (adult or child), or there is the risk that their behaviour might become inappropriate or open to misinterpretation.

The Alert Card carries details of a personal contact who can be contacted for immediate assistance, as well as contact details of the Autism Resource Centre and The National Autistic Society Helpline. The card is available free of charge to adults, children and young people with ASD who are resident within the Strathclyde Police area, on completion of a simple two-page form, obtainable from the Autism Resource Centre.


Email for info on an Autism card:


Autism Resource Centre
c/o North West Social Work Services
17 Gullane Street
Glasgow G11 6AH

Contact the Autism Team

  • Phone 0141 276 5252




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