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Glasgow City Council

Autism Resource Centre (ARC)

Contact the Autism Team

  • Phone 0141 276 3112




The Autism Resource Centre is currently under review. 

The service is able to offer training and support to parents and carers of children with autism. Please contact: or phone 0141 276 3112 for further information

What is an Autism Alert Card and how do I get one?

The card can be presented in all kinds of situations where communication is difficult for a person who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, or there is the risk that their behaviour might become inappropriate or open to misinterpretation.

The Alert Card carries details of a personal contact who can be contacted for immediate assistance, as well as contact details of the Autism Resource Centre and The National Autistic Society Helpline. The card is available free of charge to adults, children and young people with ASD who reside within Glasgow City area, on completion of a simple two-page form, obtainable from the Autism Resource Centre.

Contact the Autism Resource Centre:


Contact the Autism Team

  • Phone 0141 276 3112




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