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Glasgow City Council

Key Corporate Governance Policy Plans

Committees, council structure, delegated functions
and standing orders

Members code of conduct, register of interests,
allowances and expenses

  • Councillors and Committees - sets out the standards of behaviour expected of councillors in Scotland.
  • Councillors and Committees - required to be completed by all members giving details any directorships, other employment, properties, gifts and hospitality received (refer to each member's web page for the member's declaration of interests).
  • Elected Members - shows how much councillors were paid as salaries and expenses.

Performance, objectives and outcomes

Employees code of conduct

  • pdf icon Code of Conduct for Employees [348kb] - sets out the standards of behaviour expected of ours officers and also includes the guidelines on hospitality and acceptance of gifts.
  • Corporate HR Strategy - sets out the strategy to take a considered and planned approach to developing our employees.

Anti-bribery, whistleblowing, customer feedback
and freedom of information

  • Anti - Bribery Policy - we have approved an anti-bribery policy statement.
  • Whistleblowing - our policies on preventing fraud and corruption, rules and procedures, and whistleblowing and investigation procedures - outlines the methods in which our customers can send feedback about services.
  • Publication Scheme and Guide to Information - our responsibilities with regard to compliance with freedom of information legislation.
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