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Glasgow City Council

Service Performance

Service departments have specific responsibilities for leading performance within their own areas.

To explain what our plans were, how well we performed in delivering them and what our priorities are for the next year, our departments produce an annual report called the Annual Service Plan and Improvement Report (ASPIR).

Chief Executive's Department

pdf icon CED ASPIR 2019-20 [951kb]

pdf icon CED ASPIR 2018-19 [897kb]

pdf icon CED ASPIR 2017-18 [745kb]

pdf icon CED ASPIR 2016-17 [692kb]

pdf icon Capital Programme Annual Performance Report 2015-2016 [4Mb]

pdf icon CEOCS ASPIR 2015-16 [661kb]

pdf icon CEOCS ASPIR 2014-15 [541kb]

Development and Regeneration Services

pdf icon DRS ASPIR 2019-20 [929kb]

pdf icon DRS ASPIR 2018-19 [868kb]

pdf icon DRS ASPIR 2017-18 [898kb]

pdf icon DRS ASPIR 2016-17 [4Mb]

pdf icon DRS ASPIR 2014-16 [1Mb]

pdf icon DRS ASPIR 2012-14 [755kb]


pdf icon ASPIR 2018-19 [787kb]

pdf icon ASPIR 2017-18 [2Mb]

pdf icon ASPIR 2016-17 [1Mb]

pdf icon ASPIR 2015-16 [1Mb]

pdf icon ASPIR 2014-15 [1Mb]

Financial Services

pdf icon Financial Services ASPIR 2019-20 [787kb]

pdf icon Financial Services ASPIR 2018-19 [804kb]

pdf icon Financial Services ASPIR 2017-18 [617kb]

pdf icon Financial Services ASPIR 2016-17 [322kb]

pdf icon Financial Services ASPIR 2015-16 [617kb]

pdf icon Financial Services ASPIR 2012-2015 [190kb]

Neighbourhoods and Sustainability

pdf icon NS ASPIR 2019-20 [3Mb]

pdf icon LES ASPIR 2018-19 [5Mb]

pdf icon LES ASPIR 2017-18 [4Mb]

pdf icon LES ASPIR 2016-17 [2Mb]

pdf icon LES ASPIR 2015-16 [802kb]

pdf icon LES ASPIR 2014-15 [664kb]

pdf icon LES ASPIR 2013-14 [737kb]

pdf icon LES ASPIR 2012-13 [364kb]

Social Work Services

pdf icon SWS ASPIR 2018-19 [821kb]

pdf icon SWS ASPIR 2017-18 [707kb]

pdf icon SWS Annual Service Plan and Improvement Report 2016 [377kb]

pdf icon SWS ASPIR 2015-16 [986kb]





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