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What is it?

The Digital Glasgow Strategy sets out our priorities and commitments to developing Glasgow's digital economy and transforming our public services through the use of digital technology.

What is its vision?

Our vision for Glasgow is to be:

"A world class city with a thriving digital economy and community, where everyone can flourish and benefit from the best digital connectivity and skills, where technology is used to improve everyone's quality of life, drive businesses' innovation and service design and improve our city, its neighbourhoods and its success"

What are the aims?

Underpinning this vision are two principal aims, supported by a set of goals that each defines the outcomes that we all want to achieve, and some of the key actions that we all commit to undertaking:

Our First Aim is:

"We want businesses across all of our sectors to realise the potential that digital provides, to stimulate innovation, and to establish Glasgow's tech sector as a top 20 global digital economy."

Our Second Aim is:

"We want Glasgow to be recognised as one of the most pioneering and innovative smart cities in the world, and we want to apply this innovation to transforming our public services."

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