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2019 Register Publication Dates

Contact the Electoral Register

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The full electoral register is published on 1 December 2018.

There are monthly updates of both the electoral register and the open register. Please see dates below for when your application must be received to have your details updated on the next publication:

Monthly register publication 2019Application deadline for applying for the electoral registerApplication deadline to apply to opt out of the open register
Thursday 3 January 2019Wednesday 12 December 2018Thursday 20 December 2018
Friday 1 February 2019Thursday 10 January 2019Friday 18 January 2019
Friday 1 March 2019Thursday 7 February 2019Friday 15 February 2019
Monday 1 April 2019Friday 8 March 2019Monday 18 March 2019
Wednesday 1 May 2019Tuesday 9 April 2019Wednesday 17 April 2019
Monday 3 June 2019Friday 10 May 2019Monday 20 May 2019
Monday 1 July 2019Friday 7 June 2019Monday 17 June 2019
Thursday 1 August 2019Wednesday 10 July 2019Thursday 18 July 2019
Monday 2 September 2019Friday 9 August 2019Monday 19 August 2019

There are no monthly publications of the register in October and November due to the annual canvass of households. However, the open register is updated during these months and the deadlines to have your status amended on this are Tuesday 17 September and Friday 18 October 2019 respectively.

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