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Towards the Nurturing City

In Glasgow we aim to ensure that all our schools and nurseries are places in which children feel welcomed, nurtured and secure. We want children and their families to feel that their needs are understood and met in our schools and nurseries. To do this we work to help all staff continually develop nurturing approaches so that they can meet the needs of all children.

Some children who are finding it difficult to settle and learn with others benefit from extra support from a Nurture Group*. Children can need the support of Nurture Groups for many reasons. Sometimes they are withdrawn; sometimes they are angry and confused and find it hard to work well with other children or staff.

If a child is being considered for a Nurture Group specially trained staff will gather information and work with parents/carers to decide if this is the right kind of support. If children join a Nurture Group, Nurture staff will work with other staff in classrooms/playrooms to make sure children are well supported there too.

We know that Nurture Groups can make a big difference to children and their families because we carefully track the future development of children who have had Nurture support. 

Nurture Groups don't suit all children who might need support; some children may require further assessment, involving other agencies, to plan the right support.

Parents/carers are key partners and will always be involved in their children's education. This is particularly so for the success of nurture support and parents/carers will be encouraged to join groups at particular times.

If you want to know more about nurture support and the development of nurturing approaches in Glasgow please contact: Alison Crawford, Area Principal Psychologist

Further information about our policy for inclusion can be accessed at pdf icon Every Child is Included and Supported [860kb]

*'Nurture Groups' is used throughout to refer to our range of Nurture provisions including Nurture Corners in early years, Nurture Groups in primary schools and Nurture Bases in secondary schools.


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