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How do I Apply for Planning Permission?

Before you can begin to submit your application online, you'll need to register with ePlanning Scotland. This is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Once registered you can log in and begin making your application. A guide to submitting an application online is available there to guide you through the process.

Most planning applications must be accompanied by a planning application fee, without which an application cannot be validated for assessment.  The fee will depend on the type and scale of the proposed development. Please note, all drawings must have scale bars on the drawing, to allow online measurement.

The undernoted applications cannot be submitted online at this time. For those that are not available to submit online the application form can be downloaded in pdf format below.

You must have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer before you can view or print these documents. This software is available free to install from Adobe® Website.

You will have to fill these in and send them to the Development Management Team, Glasgow City Council, 231 George Street, Glasgow G1 1RX.

Planning Processing Agreement

We now offer the opportunity to applicants to enter into a Processing Agreement for all Major or National development proposals. Processing Agreements are a flexible tool that takes the format of an agreed framework for processing an application, ensuring that the planning process is project managed in a clear way.

Early contact with the planning authority is encouraged, especially before a Proposal of Application notice is submitted for a Major/National application. Use the form to contact the relevant Group Manager to discuss whether a processing agreement will be appropriate.

Please read the guidance note, which provides further information on Processing Agreements and the information required.


Hazardous Substances Consent

Use the Hazardous Substances Consent form when you are making an application under Hazardous Substances Regulations. Schedule 1, showing materials and amounts which are considered to be hazardous is below:


Initiation and Completion Notices

Complete these forms to notify us work has started or completed on site:


Flood Risk and Drainage Impact Assessments

Planning Guidance for Developers. This guidance is to assist developers and engineers to produce Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and Drainage Impact Assessments (DIA's). Planning Officers should advise applicants in the planning process and building warrant process of the requirements to produce FRA's and DIA's in line with this guidance and to provide the necessary compliance and independent check certification.


Hillington Simplified Planning Zone

You must notify the local planning authority (Renfrewshire Council or Glasgow City Council) that you intend to carry out works that constitute permitted development under the  Hillington Simplified Planning Zone (PDF) [9MB] (opens new window)  (SPZ) Scheme.

Pre-development Notification Form (PDF) [277KB] (opens new window)   must be completed as a mandatory requirement if development is undertaken under the provisions of the SPZ scheme. It is essential that the local planning authority maintains an accurate record of the development activity so that the terms of the SPZ are not exceeded.

Apply by Post

Paper forms are available to download from the ePlanning Scotland should you require to submit your application by post. Please post your application to:

Development Management
Planning and Buildins Standards
Glasgow City Council
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX


In the event your application submission is not valid, Post Submission Additional Documents (PSAD) can be submitted Online to your existing proposal. Add the Post Submission Additional Document form to your proposal, complete the form and upload your attachments.

Please note, all drawings must have scale bars on the drawing, to allow online measurement.

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Last modified on 08 May 2024

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