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Celtic Park/Emirates Arena


The Council proposes to make the above order. The content of the order and associated maps are set out within the documents opposite, together with committee reports which provide the policy context for the order

Following the notification and publication of the draft order, as required under the Traffic Orders Regulations 1999, representations have been received which the council intends to be the subject of a public hearing. Two Scottish Government reporters (SinĂ©ad Lynch and Lance R Guilford) have been appointed to conduct the hearing and report to the Council. A programme officer team has also been appointed to assist the reporters by providing administrative support. A business meeting has been held between the programme officer team and the reporters, a note of which opposite sets out the remit of the reporters and the process involved.

The number and nature of the representations is set out in the report opposite entitled "Approval under the Council's Scheme of Delegated Functions". The representations themselves are set out in the drop down menus below. However, since it would be a lengthy and difficult task to read through and assess all of the representations lodged, the reporters have already reviewed the representations, and have provided a summary and schedule of the representations opposite. The schedule will be continually updated as the hearing process progresses.

Owing to the number and complexity of the matters raised in the representations, the reporters have decided that a pre-hearing meeting requires to be held, in order to discuss and agree the format of the hearing and the procedures required, with those parties who have stated their intention to participate in the hearing.  Letters sent out with respect to this, and an agenda and explanatory note for the pre-hearing meeting, are also provided opposite.

The pre-hearing meeting was held on the 10 March 2020, and the finalised note of the matters agreed at and arising from the meeting is now shown opposite.  This takes into account all of the comments which were received from parties on the content of the draft note.  The changes from the draft note (apart from any minor typographical changes) are temporarily shown in blue text, so that these can be readily identified. An explanatory note, which also refers to the THE GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL (IBROX STADIUM) (EVENT DAY EMERGENCY ROUTES AND PARKING ZONE) ORDER 201_, is provided opposite in order to set out the reasoning for the changes and how they relate to both orders being examined by the reporters.

The date of the hearing, together with a programme of dates for the submission of statements and documents before the hearing, will be shown on this page once these dates have been determined.  Notification of the date of the hearing will be given in the Evening Times.  All statements and documents related to the hearing will be uploaded to this page before the hearing takes place.

Following the council's request for a suspension of procedures for a period of 6 months, the reporters considered this request, taking into account comments received from parties who intend to take part in the hearing.  The reporters' full response to the request is provided opposite.  Procedures were suspended for a period of 3 months initially, to 21 October 2020, with a review at the end of this period to confirm whether or not the full 6 months suspension should be implemented, to 21 January 2021. 

The reporters consulted the council following the end of the initial period of suspension, and the council's views and reporters' response are shown opposite.  The hearing process was suspended until 21 January 2021.

UPDATE 13 January 2021

The reporters have considered the legal submission on behalf of Celtic Football Club (with respect to the Celtic Park and Emirates Arena Order) and the council's response to this. The reporters have prepared a statement on this, and on the timeline following the end of the suspension of the hearing process, taking into account the effects resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.  The timeline applies to both this order and the Glasgow City Council (Ibrox Stadium) (Event Day Emergency Routes and Parking Zone) Order 20__

UPDATE 15 March 2021

The reporters have agreed to a request from the council to further suspend the hearing process (as a default position) until the end of August 2021.  The council's request and the reporters' full statement on the matter are shown opposite.  However, as an interim measure, the reporters intend to publish a further "best-case scenario" timeline at the end of May 2021, taking into account the Covid-19 situation existing at that time. There will be an opportunity for any parties intending to take part in the hearing to comment on this timeline until the end of June 2021, when the reporters will confirm or otherwise the suspension of the hearing process to the end of August 2021.  There will however be no further direct contact with parties until the suspension ends, so please continue to check periodically for further updates.

UPDATE 2 June 2021

The reporters have now prepared a revised "best case scenario" timeline for the hearing process, and their statement on this matter is shown opposite.  If anyone intending to participate in the hearing wishes to comment on this statement and revised timeline, please write or send an email to the programme officers by the end of June 2021.  A decision will be made after the end of June 2021 whether to confirm the suspension of the hearing process to the end of August 2021 or otherwise.  Please check periodically for further updates.





Late Objections


Public Hearing Notice Response - Objections

Public Hearing Notice Response - Support

Public Hearing Notice Response - New Objections

Webcast Recording of Celtic Park and Emirates Arena Traffic Regulation Order Pre-Hearing Meeting 10 March 2020

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