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Connecting Woodside

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Formerly known as Woodside Mini-Holland this is an area wide active travel project which is a first of its kind in Scotland. The project bid navigated a 3 stage judging process with Glasgow being successful in achieving funding.

The project is considered as having four main elements:

  • Place - Environmental enhancements making the area an attractive place to live and visit.
  • Segregated cycle tracks - Safe cycle routes and excellent public transport integration.
  • Permeability and connectivity - Improved walking opportunities and attractive pedestrian links.
  • Outreach work - At least 5% of the project budget will be allocated for outreach activities aimed at encouraging active and sustainable travel.

Connecting Woodside FAQ's

You can view our FAQ's here

Raeberry Street

Raeberry Street quietway purposes to break down the barriers to active travel by providing a low traffic route with increased visibility for those that are less comfortable on busy routes and wish to travel at a gentler pace, that is inviting to all users with varying abilities.

The quietway will offer better crossing facilities, larger footway areas, enhanced green spaces and active travel connectivity that's accessible to all.

Consultation - November 2021 (Closed)

The initial consultation period for the Raeberry Street Quietway proposals has now ended.

Thank you to all, that took the time to complete our survey and provide us with valuable feedback.

We are now reviewing the comments in conjunction with our design proposals for the area.

A consultation summary report is available below.

Consultation - August 2022

The second consultation for Raeberry Street Quietway proposals is now underway.

Once the engagement is completed a report detailing the outcome shall be prepared and made available.

Find out more about Raeberry Street by visiting our Consultation Story Map

We would like to give you an opportunity to review changes based upon your previous comments on Raeberry Street. Please click here to fill in the  questionnaire.

North Woodside Road Junction

The enhancement works to improve the junction of North Woodside Road and Maryhill Road for those walking and cycling have now been completed. These works included the installation of new signalised pedestrian and cycle crossings, along with the reallocation of carriageway space to introduce soft landscaping on North Woodside Road. The project also saw the removal of railings to allow ease of access to green space, a relocation of recycling facilities and the introduction of cycle parking.  The improvements to this junction facilitate safer and easier connectivity for those walking and cycling throughout the Woodside area, and beyond.

Thank you to all who engaged with Glasgow City Council, providing valuable feedback throughout the design process.

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