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Case Studies

Chantelle's Story

I'm Chantelle. I started working with the ChoiceWorks team in July 2014.

It helped me understand how the things I do affect me and other people. I learned better ways of dealing with stuff so I won't offend again.

I've always been interested in creative arts. I'm keen to get a routine in my life and to start earning.

And hey! I've got a job! I start as a creative junior with Impact Arts next week.

I feel so happy and surprised, I can't believe I am actually starting work.

ChoiceWorks has been fantastic. I don't think I could have done this without their support.


Ian's Story

Ian self referred to ChoiceWorks from Community Payback and started working with us in January 2014.

Like all ChoiceWorks participants, his programme included sessions exploring his behaviour and learning better ways to deal with situations.

Ian was eager to get back into a routine, was not afraid of hard work and was always enthusiastic about any opportunities discussed.

Thanks to his hard work and determination, he started a GHA (Glasgow Housing Association) community janitor placement and this then progressed into a one year contract.

Ian's aunt says she has "never seen him so happy".


Kieran's Story

My name's Kieran. I began my ChoiceWorks programme on the 24th of April 2014.

I'd never had a job, though I'd done some training courses and a bit of voluntary work in my local community.

ChoiceWorks helped me learn from my mistakes. I got qualifications and work experience. I even qualified to drive dumpers and forklifts.

They got me a placement with a building firm as a general labourer. I could start to use those skills in a real job.

At the end of the placement I worked on my interview skills with ChoiceWorks, which got me onto Youthbuild.

Now I'm holding down a proper job with Forth Electrical Services. Thanks ChoiceWorks for helping me improve my life!


Robert's Story

Robert is another great example of a ChoiceWorks success story, joining from Community Payback in November 2013.

Robert was keen to engage in a programme that challenged him and wanted to make positive changes to pursue a crime-free life.

In his programme Robert did a Firereach course with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, gaining valuable skills in teamwork, communication and problem solving.

Robert started doing voluntary work and is now in full time employment.

ChoiceWorks has given Robert skills and confidence and he's more aware of the negative effects of offending behaviour.

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