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Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Cycling Village

The Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Cycling Village is an area-wide project that proposes the creation of a cycling village and improvements to public spaces for residents and visitors to the area. The project was initiated by the Community Council following a notable increase in visitors to the area after the completion of major new attractions, the construction of student accommodation and a recent increase in the number of local businesses. Through partnership working with Glasgow City Council and Sustrans, the Community Council has already seen enhancements to the area including improved road environments, better signage, installation of cycle parking racks and on-street cycle pumps, and new Nextbike stations.

The Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Cycling Village proposal was one of ten submissions from across Scotland that were successful in proceeding to stage 2 of the Sustrans/Scottish Government's 'Community Links Plus' funding competition (now called 'Places for Everyone'), visit the Sustrans website for more information. Successful submissions that will advance to the third stage of the 'Places for Everyone' funding competition will be announced during July 2019. The success at stage 1 reflects the wide interest shown by local businesses and residents to improve access to and travel around the area by active travel and a desire to create an attractive 'gateway' to those arriving in the area from, or travelling to the SEC/Hydro.

At the heart of the project is an aim to work with the community to create greater priority for cyclists and pedestrians, improve streetscapes and to rebalance how people move around the area, thereby allowing the residents to live in a greener and safer environment. 

The Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council, in partnership with Glasgow City Council and Sustrans, have already held several consultation events and more are planned in the near future, as well as a number of other stakeholder interventions, including Public Life surveys, which are tools to help gather information about how people use the space they live within and will help inform the design work for enhanced spaces.

The changes the community hopes to see include: better links to the national cycle network; route alignment and reallocation of road space for active and sustainable travel; 'place making' and permeability interventions; improved public realm; and, improved footfall to encourage the local economy.

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