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Application Process

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    If you would like to apply to the Glasgow Communities Fund, then you can download an Application Form and Budget Template under Related Documents.

    If you are having an issue with file sizes when submitting application by email, please see FAQ page.

    • Application Form - Please note that the Application Form is in Adobe. If you do not have an Adobe Reader, you can download it for free here.
    • Budget Template - Please note that the Budget Template is in Microsoft Excel for PC users and in Numbers for Mac users.

    To support the completion of your Application Form and Budget Template please use the following:

    • Fund Guidance
    • Step by Step Guide to Application Form
    • Step by Step Guide to Budget Template

    These are available under Related Documents on this page.

    We have also produced a short video tutorial on how to complete the Application Form and Budget Template.



    Submitting your Application Form and Budget Template

    Applications should be submitted to the Community Empowerment Services Grants mailbox by:

    25 October 2019

    You will automatically receive an automated email acknowledging receipt of your application.

    It is your responsibility to submit a fully completed application form and supporting documents by the date and time provided above. Late applications will not be accepted.

    Please note that due to the number of applications we expect to receive, we will not contact you for further information. We will make an assessment based on the information in the application you submit.

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