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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the following headings for some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with regard the Glasgow Communities Fund.


Why were unincorporated organisations not eligible to apply? (11/10/19)

We consider that the sums involved in our Fund require a further level of governance to minimise the risks to both the organisations (and directors/trustees running them) and the council. We do however recognise that there are a substantial number of unincorporated organisations working across the city and that this is an appropriate governance structure for them in accordance with their objectives. 

Following feedback however, we can confirm that we will accept applications from unincorporated organisations to the Fund subject to:

  • Confirmation that they will, if funded, work with our Capacity Building Partners to review their governance arrangements
  • Any funding awarded beyond year 1 (2020/21) being subject to a review, with our Capacity Building Partners, to ensure that governance arrangements are fit for purpose and satisfy the requirements of the Council

Given this position, the deadline for applications to the Fund will now be extended until:

  • ·Friday 25 October 2019 at 5pm


We are a new organisation - can we apply to the Fund?


Yes. New organisations can apply. However they must meet the eligibility criteria and be able to provide minutes from their most recent Board/Committee meeting, a copy of their latest bank statement, a signed and dated copy of their governing document.


We have not received funding from Glasgow City Council before, can we apply to the Fund?

Yes. Organisations that have not received funding from Glasgow City Council and meet the eligibility criteria can apply.


In the Step by Step Guide to the Application in the guidance for Question A6, it states: Please note that if you are not a registered charity or company then you can still apply to the Glasgow Communities Fund. What kind of organisation does it refer to?

These could be incorporated organisations such as colleges, housing associations and social enterprises that may have a governance structure other than those that have been identified.


Funding Level

Could you provide further information on funding for projects above the maximum funding level of £200,000?

Whilst we expect the vast majority of applications to be requesting between £20,000 and £200,000 per annum, there may be a minority of applications that require more than £200,000 from the Fund. We expect a strong justification for this to be provided in the application form and in particular the questions included in Section B (Your Project).


Application Form

How do i sign the application form?

You can sign the application form by simply typing the name of the signatory into the appropriate box. There is no need to sign this in any other way including uploading images, printing/scanning etc.


The budget template is password protected, how do I complete this?

The elements of the budget template that require your input are not password protected. Only the 'information' cells which do not require input are password protected - these are shaded. For example, within the worksheet titled "2. Budget" the cells in Row 6 are shaded, and password protected. These cells will be automatically populated when you complete Worksheets 3, 4 and 5 (if applicable).



When submitting an application, I receive an error message about file size. Why?

Glasgow City Council has an upper data limit of 15MB for accepting and sending emails.  The Application Pack documents should come under this total and delivery will be made without issue.

Some organisations are experiencing difficulties due to the type of supporting documents they are submitting as they are large and exceed the 15MB total.  In order to avoid your email being rejected, please consider zipping your documents before submitting.

How to ZIP your files (Using Windows PC)
1.    Save documents into one folder
2.    Right click on the folder
3.    Select send to Compressed (zipped) folder

This will create a zipped folder which you can attach to your email and send to

Please note that you will receive an automatic reply to your submission, indicating that you should accept the email as acknowledgement of receipt of your application (please also check your "junk mail" for this auto-response).  If you do not receive an automatic reply then please contact the inbox on


Is there a restriction on the characters or words that can be inputted into each text box?

There is no restriction on the characters or words that can be inputted into each text box however the size of the box is indicative of the amount of text we anticipate being provided.


If there is not a limit, can you reassure us that you will be using all of the information in each text box as opposed to only the information that is visible (e.g. when you view on screen or print out)?

We can assure you that all information submitted in your application form will be visible to us and taken into account as part of the assessment.


Are we able to attach diagrams and/or tables to the application when submitting?  

All information in relation to your submission should be included in your application form and not submitted as supplementary information. The application form format does not allow you to cut and paste tables or diagrams, therefore this information should be presented as text.


We are an unincorporated organisation and are now eligible to apply to the Fund. How do we answer question A5? (11/10/19)

You should select 'Other' from the drop-down menu and state your governance structure in the text box.



I am on holiday during the application period, can I have an extension?

Due to the timeframes that we are working to, we are unable to approve any requests for extensions.



Will there be any other funding opportunities with Glasgow City Council that we could apply for in addition to the Glasgow Communities Fund?

Area Partnership funding will continue to be available throughout the year and more information on this is available here.  Also, GCVS provide First Tuesday funding advice sessions which you could attend to find out about other funding opportunities.  More information on First Tuesday is available here.




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