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Glasgow City Council

LEZ Funding Assistance

The Scottish Government committed, through the 2018 Programme for Government, to help those who will have most difficulty preparing for the introduction of low emission zones in the four cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Funding availability includes the LEZ Support Fund which offers:

  • Grants (for microbusinesses) to support the cost of upgrading engines or exhausts on taxis, vans and HGVs through the LEZ Retrofit Fund administered by Energy Saving Trust.
  • Cash incentives and Travel Better vouchers, if non-compliant vehicles are removed from Scotland's roads through the LEZ Mobility Fund. Also administered by Energy Saving Trust, this programme is means-tested and offers help to those most impacted by LEZs. It provides people and micro-businesses with financial support to travel more sustainably and comply with forthcoming measures to improve air quality and protect public health.

For bus and coach operators, there is a Bus Emission Abatement Retrofit (BEAR) Fund, which has awarded over £9.75 million to 19 bus and coach operators to retrofit 594 vehicle exhausts in 2020/21.

Full details of Scottish Government grant funding availability can be found here.

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