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Get Ready for Glasgow's LEZ

UPDATE: On 7 May 2020 the national LEZ Leadership Group announced a temporary pause in plans to implement Low Emission Zones in Scotland in response to COVID-19. Plans were formally resumed on 6 August 2020 and a new indicative timescale presented for LEZs in Scotland that aims to see their introduction between February and May of 2022.

Due to the unprecedented, ongoing impacts of COVID-19, the new timetable is not finalised however it does represent a clear commitment by all partners to work as quickly as possible to introduce LEZs at the earliest possible time.

For Glasgow, the revised national timetable means that it will not be possible for Phase 2 of our LEZ to apply to all vehicles by 31 December 2022 as originally planned. This is because LEZs in Scotland can only be enforced after a compulsory grace period of at least one year after its introduction. Instead, Phase 2 will be moved out to 2023, with a more detailed, revised timetable for enforcement to be published as soon as possible.

Key Information

Our LEZ webpages contain the most up to date information and are refreshed regularly.

Check out Transport Scotland's online checker to see if your vehicle is likely to comply and click here for answers to frequently asked questions, including what the expected emission standards are, potential exemptions and funding assistance.

We also post updates, video clips and links to resources via our social media channels.  You can follow the council on Facebook and Twitter - both @GlasgowCC. 

Is Your Vehicle Likely to Comply?

Glasgow's LEZ will adopt the following emission standards:

  • Euro 4 for petrol cars, vans, minibuses and other specialist vehicles
  • Euro 6 for diesel cars, vans and minibuses and other specialist vehicles
  • Euro VI for lorries, buses and coaches and other specialist heavy diesel engine vehicles

Motorcycles, mopeds, motorised tricycles and quadricycles are likely to be scoped out of LEZ schemes across Scotland.

Transport Scotland are working on a tool which will enable you to enter your registration number to see if your vehicle is likely to comply with LEZ emission requirements. Until this is ready, they have prepared a basic online vehicle checker to assist.

Please note that results from this checker can only give an indication and are not a guarantee or proof that your vehicle can enter. The best way to check is by consulting your log book or with your vehicle manufacturer.


Permenant exemptions for certain categories of vehicle will be set at national level by the Scottish Government so that there is consistency across Scotland for LEZs. Full details will be added to this site once announced.

In addition to exemptions set nationally, the council may also have the power to issue 'time-limited' (temporary) exemptions in respect of specific vehicle types/categories. This could mean an exemption period of up to one year which would then require renewal if the exemption were to be continued.

Funding Assistance

The Scottish Government committed, through the 2018 Programme for Government, to help those who will have most difficulty preparing for the introduction of low emission zones in the four cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen.

The Bus Emission Abatement Retrofit Fund (BEAR) supports bus operators with the financial costs associated with engine and exhaust retrofitting to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

£3 million new funding has been made available in 2020/21 through the Low Emission Zone Support Fund to help more organisations prepare for the introduction of low emission zones.

Grants are available to support the cost of retrofitting engines or exhausts on taxis, vans and HGVs to Euro 6/VI standard in order to help protect public health and meet LEZ standards or incentivise the disposal of non-compliant vehicles

Full details of Scottish Government grant funding availability can be found on the national LEZs website.

Other, related grants and loans funded by Transport Scotland and managed by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), can be found on the EST website.

ECO Stars - Helping Businesses Reduce Vehicle Emissions

ECO Stars is the FREE recognition scheme that aims to help fleet operators improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions whilst achieving cost savings.

The initiative is operated on behalf of the council by TRL and is available for fleets of any size. 

Membership has shown in numerous case studies to have had a dramatic improvement in fuel efficiency which not only saves money for organisations, it also results in a reduction in environmental impact.

Read more here about how Eco Stars can help your business.

Alternative Ways to Travel

Active Travel

Active travel is a fantastic way to avoid driving into Glasgow's LEZ and is beneficial to your health and fitness. If you don't have far to travel, you could consider walking or cycling to your destination. If your journey is longer, why not walk or cycle to the bus stop, railway station or other form of public transport?

Don't have access to a cycle? Why not consider Glasgow's hugely popular cycle hire scheme? Operated by nextbike on behalf of the council, now is the ideal opportunity to try this popular mode of travel, with a promotional offer of 30 mins free standard hire for every rental. Until March 2021, for casual users of the scheme, every rental under 30 minutes duration is free of charge, and for existing subscribers, this has been extended to the first 60 minutes of any hire. There is no limit on the number of times the offer can be used by a person. Find out more here.

There is lots of information and help available including an Energy Saving Trust e-bike loan and the Energy Saving Trust e-bike grant fund for local authorities, public sector agencies, further and higher education institutions, active travel hubs and community groups.

Other useful resources include:

Public Transport

Glasgow has a comprehensive public transport system which can be used as an alternative to the car. Find out more from SPT, ScotRail and Traveline Scotland.

Car Sharing

As a Co-wheels member, you can have access to cars in Glasgow, as well as hundreds more right across the UK. Cars are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be booked by the hour, day or as long as you want. The cars are conveniently located in reserved on-street parking bays across Glasgow.

To support the operation of Glasgow's LEZ, funding from Transport Scotland has recently ensured that all Co-wheels vehicles available for hire in the city centre LEZ zone are now fully electric.

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