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What is it?

Glasgow City Council (GCC) recognises that the telecoms industry is going through a period of significant and rapid change.

This includes the regulatory landscape for deploying equipment through to the technology and hardware being deployed in the city.

The Telecoms Unit works with the industry to facilitate telecoms and digital infrastructure work in the city and provides an escalation route to ensure a prompt resolution to any queries from the industry.   


The council recognises that investment from the telecoms sector as key for the councils own connectivity and digital ambitions as well as those for the wider city, residents and businesses.

As such we are doing everything possible to facilitate this investment through:

  • making available the use of public assets by presenting them within an asset catalogue;
  • having a clear interpretation of the ECC (Electronic Communications Code);
  • the creation and adoption of standard set of rental agreements; and
  • a standard 'consideration and compensation' based method of charging fees.

Reviewing Processes

This has all been underpinned by a radical re-engineering of the internal council processes that are needed to facilitate deployment in the city.

We have greatly simplified the process of all telecom and connectivity deployment benefiting the council as it increases internal efficiency, benefiting MNOs, infrastructure providers and ad agents by streamlining their council interactions and benefiting the city by facilitating increased connectivity to the residents and businesses of Glasgow. 

All of this has all been undertaken to accelerate investment in Glasgow and enable delivery of more full fibre across the city, better 4G coverage and allow for the rapid deployment of 5G. 

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