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Covid-19 - complaints about a commercial premise

Covid-19 Complaints and Guidance

Officers of Environmental Health and Trading Standards are authorised in terms of  The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulations 2020 and will investigate non-compliance with the regulations in commercial premises. If you believe a business is not complying with the regulations or Scottish Government guidance then you can contact us at:

  • if your complaint relates to a food premises, including food retailers, bars, and restaurants.
  • if your complaint relates to Covid-19 controls in non-food premises e.g. hairdressers, tanning salons, tattooists, hotels, department stores and other retailers
  • if you believe a premises is trading when the above regulations require them to remain closed.

Guidance for Customers

The Scottish Government have produced guidance for retail, tourism and hospitality customers which can be found here.

Guidance for Businesses

Our City Services Group webpage has been designed as a central reference point for businesses and includes links to guidance on Covid-19 related issues including queuing, outdoor areas, licensing, food safety, health and safety and other regulatory matters. This includes risk assessment tools and templates which may be of assistance and will continue to be reviewed and developed as further guidance becomes available.

As authorised officers in terms of the above regulations, we may contact you to discuss your Covid-19 controls. Where possible we will do so remotely, however, visits will be carried out where considered appropriate.

It is anticipated that any non-compliance can be effectively addressed through engagement and cooperation with business. However, formal enforcement action will be taken where appropriate to the risk to public health or where a business refuses to comply.

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