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SIT team project - Technology Refresh

About Technology Refresh

HP Elitebook 840 (G5) Technology Refresh is our IT programme which will replace PCs, laptops, hybrid tablets across the council family, that's around 19'000 computers. The new computers will be installed with Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft, to provide updated technology across the applications we use.

When is this happening?

The full roll-out will begin in March and will take about a year to complete.

The Strategic Innovation and Technology Team (SIT) will agree the local roll-out plans with the Service Champion in your area. The roll-out plans will mainly be decided by the types of applications staff use rather than by locations or teams.

Your manager will then tell you when you're due to get a new computer about six weeks in advance so you can plan ahead.

Education Services rollout schedule:

Eductaion services schedule Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Benefits for everyone

Better performance - the new computers will deliver better overall performance, improved reliability and start up quicker.

Latest applications -Windows 10 will improve security, update the internet browser, offer the latest version of Microsoft Office and other applications the council needs for service delivery.

More connectivity - If you use a laptop then you won't need a VPN token anymore as it will connect automatically when working remotely using an internet or 4G connection.

Suited to you - the computers will fit with your work style, whether you are office based, work flexibly or a remote worker.

More information

This programme is being delivered by CGI under the council's new ICT contract and managed in the council by the Strategic Innovation and Technology (SIT) Team in Chief Executive's Department.


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