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Please note we are currently updating the Avenues content and hope to have the new content up by the end of Feburary 2024.  If you wish to contact us in the meantime please email us at City Centre Avenues.


The largest project of its kind in the UK with an investment of £115m, the Avenues Programme is expected to deliver the Avenues treatment at various suitable locations across Glasgow City Centre and fringes. These areas will be completely transformed through the delivery of an integrated network of continuous pedestrian and cycle routes - with people at the very heart of their design.

The "Core Avenues" have been broadly sub-divided into 3 blocks of activity (Blocks A, B, and C), and will be delivered through City Deal investment over the period to 2027/28.

In addition to the Avenues Programme, Glasgow City Council has successfully secured Sustrans funding (Places for Everyone) to deliver the four additional Avenues grouped together in the new Block S.

The Avenues Programme will reshape the city centre to protect and prioritise space for active travel, improve connectivity, introduce sustainable green infrastructure and improve the way public transport is accommodated.

Specific improvements will include:

  • Green/blue infrastructure (such as street trees, planting and Rain Gardens)
  • Enhanced and widened footways
  • Single surface crossing points
  • Segregated cycle lanes
  • Reduced street clutter
  • Intelligent Street Lighting (ISL) and improved lighting features


There are no current consultations at this time.

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