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Glasgow City Centre Transformation Plan

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What is it?

Glasgow City Council is in the process of producing the Glasgow City Centre Transformation Plan (CCTP) which replace the current pdf icon City Centre Transport Strategy 2014 to 2024 [7Mb]. The CCTP will provide a clear framework for transport decision-making in Glasgow City Centre and help make it a place where everyone can thrive. The CCTP ties in with other key policy documents such as the overarching Glasgow Transport Strategy, the city wide Active Travel Strategy and the City Centre Strategic Development Framework.

A Public Conversation on Glasgow's Transport Future was held for six weeks last year. Key findings of the Public Conversation can be read here. Feedback received from stakeholders during this consultation exercise largely influences the CCTP which will take issues and opportunities into account. 


CCTP Study Area/Map

CCTP Study Area/Map

Key Aims

  • Re-allocate road space in Glasgow City Centre for active travel and green infrastructure;
  • Deliver improved public transport and support/encourage a shift to more sustainable modes, particularly walking, cycling and public transport;
  • Improve access for the mobility impaired;
  • Achieve a 30-40% reduction in peak-hour private car traffic in Glasgow City Centre by 2030;
  • Deliver improvements for servicing (e.g. goods, deliveries and waste collection) to improve the vitality of Glasgow City Centre;
  • Support a doubling of Glasgow City Centre's population by 2035; and
  • Support Glasgow's aim to be carbon neutral by 2030

Case for Change Report

The Council has prepared a pdf icon Case for Change Report for the City Centre Transformation Plan [9Mb].

Preliminary Option Appraisal

Impact Assessment

Next Steps/Timetable

The next stage of the STAG appraisal process is the Preliminary Options Appraisal, which is currently under way. This will include a qualitative assessment of the potential interventions against the STAG criteria of Environment, Economy, Safety, Integration, Accessibility/Social Inclusion, as well as their Feasibility, Affordability and Public Acceptability.

Next steps:

  • Review the findings of the CCTP Public Consultation which took place between 27 June and 12 September 2022
  • Produce a Consultation Feedback Report to inform the Final CCTP Report
  • Late Autumn/Winter 2022: Final Report to be submitted to Elected Members for approval
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