Planning Applications Committee Agenda - 09 August 2011, 11:00 Help

A meeting to be held at City Chambers at 11:00 on 09 August 2011.

Number Item
(a)Site adjacent to 51 Sandilands Street (Ward 19) - 11/01055/DC - Erection of palisade fence; View Papers
(b)1 Scottish Exhibition Centre (Ward 10) - 11/01463/DC - Erection of energy centre, security gatehouse, security fence and entrance gate; and View Papers
(c)Stonedyke Primary School, 37 Cloan Avenue (Ward 14) - 11/00970/DC - Erection of early years centre (Class 10) with partial demolition of vacant school. View Papers
1Applications for listed building consent:-
(a)City Chambers, 80 George Square (Ward 10) - 11/01227/DC - Internal and external alterations to listed building; and View Papers
(b)City Chambers, 45 John Street (Ward 10) - 11/01410/DC - Internal and external alterations to listed building in association with office refurbishment. View Papers
2Area appraisal - Glasgow West Conservation Area - Report by the Executive Director of Development and Regeneration Services. View Papers
3Applications for planning permission:-
 Site at Barlogan Quadrant (Ward 5) - 11/01088/DC - Alterations to kerb line to widen carriageway; View Papers
 3 Belhaven Terrace (Ward 11) - 11/00437/DC - Subdivision of buliding to form 3 flats, stone cleaning to front of listed building and external alterations - amendment to condition 01 of previous consent 08/00024/DC to reduce number of flats from 4 to 3;; View Papers
 11 and 29 Honeybog Road/10 and 26 Clavens Road (Ward 4) - 11/01371/DC - Environmental improvements to back court of flats; View Papers
 21-29 Marlborough Avenue (Ward 12) - 11/01178/DC - Environmental improvements including resurfacing works, landscaping and erection of 3 refuse storage areas; View Papers
 26-54 Northland Drive (Ward 13) - 11/01209/DC - Environmental improvements including resurfacing paths and new dropped kerbs; View Papers
 Site at Prospecthill Road/North of Hangingshaw Place/Aikenhead Road (Ward 7) - 11/01152/DC - Erection of 17.5 metre high telecommunications monopole with 3 antennae and associated ground based equipment including diesel generator and fuel tank; View Papers
 Site bounded by Otago Street/Kelvingrove Park/Kelvin Way/Gibson Street (Ward 11) - 11/0128/DC - Erection of primary school building with associated landscaping and car parking, removal of condition 10 of previous consent 07/02810/DC which required removal of pedestrian access gate on Otago Street/Westbank Quadrant; View Papers
(d)837-839 Anniesland Road (Ward 13) - 11/01398/DC - Installation of ATM cash machine within existing shopfront; View Papers
(u)Site between 642-690 Balmore Road (Ward 16) - 10/02867/DC - Erection of flatted residential development; View Papers