Glasgow City Council Agenda - 25 June 2015, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at City Chambers, Glasgow at 13:30 on 25 June 2015.

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5304Minutes of Council meeting of 14th May 2015 (Print 2, pages 47 to 51). View Papers
2Print 2 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked "C", remaining paragraphs being submitted for information and approval as a correct record only (page 52 onwards). View Papers
3Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
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8Notices of motions:-
(a)By Councillor Gordon Matheson:-

"Council firmly believes all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and that this fundamental truth should be enshrined in law; believes the Human Rights Act (1998) and its adoption into law has been effective in protecting the basic freedoms of Glasgow's citizens; notes the current UK Government's intention to repeal the Human Rights Act (1998) and to replace it with a British Bill Of Rights and Responsibilities; believes all Glaswegians regardless of personal status or circumstance have the same rights and expresses its concern at reports that a future Bill of Rights would create separate tiers of rights; requests that the Chief Executive make representations to the Justice Secretary expressing Council's concern in the strongest possible terms, and restates our fundamental and non-negotiable commitment to the Human Rights Act." View Papers
(b)By Councillor John Letford:-

"Council notes the long-running strike by homeless service caseworkers employed by Social Work services over concerns about the fair application of the council's job evaluation scheme to their roles. Council believes that these employees provide an invaluable service for homeless people and families across Glasgow, notes that they carry a caseload of nearly 3,000 individuals, and regrets that their concerns were not responded to sooner and that they felt themselves forced into taking strike action.

Council further notes that, more than a year after the intervention of the Scottish Housing Regulator, in response to Glasgow City Council's breaches in its statutory duty to provide homeless people with accommodation, we are still regularly failing to meet that duty, resulting in homeless people being turned away from our services. Council believes that any suggestion that other organisations, such as housing associations, are in any way responsible, is an error and calls on the Leader of the Council to take immediate action to address the current state of homelessness services in Glasgow.

Council further calls on the Leader of the Council to convene a homelessness summit, comprising elected members from across the Chamber, homeless service staff and trade unions, registered social landlords, third sector and academic experts, to investigate the causes of and potential routes to alleviate homelessness, in order to formulate a long-term partnership plan to radically improve the Council's performance in this area." View Papers
(c)By Councillor Martha Wardrop:-

"Council notes the Home Office's commercial contract known as COMPASS, which is for the accommodation of dispersed asylum seekers throughout the UK.

Council acknowledges that asylum dispersal is a well-established UK Government policy, stemming from the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

Council notes the ongoing concerns with the approach and implementation of the contract in Scotland by Serco and its sub-contractor, Orchard and Shipman as detailed in the Scottish Refugee Council's report published in September 2014, "The Extent and Impact of Asylum Accommodation Problems in Scotland".

Council therefore agrees to support the call for a review of the COMPASS contract." View Papers
(d)By Councillor Emma Gillan:-

"Council notes the content of the Conservative Government's Queen's Speech; believes that this programme is not in the overall interest of the City or of the people of Glasgow; is particularly concerned by changes to Trade Union Legislation and believes that any attack on workers' rights and on the ability of organised Labour to defend working people should be met with the united and full opposition of this Council; further notes plans to devolve a range of powers to English cities and calls on both the UK and Scottish governments to similarly empower Scottish Cities; and pledges to work with the city's representatives and wider partners to oppose the harmful measures contained in the Queen's Speech which are not in the interest of the people of Glasgow." View Papers
(e)By Councillor John Kane:-

"Council welcomes the decision by BAE systems to continue to operate two shipyards on the upper Clyde and the additional 100m of investment to support high skill shipbuilding jobs in the City for decades to come; believes that "Made on the Clyde" continues to set the benchmark to which other shipbuilders aspire; considers that this decision will help maintain Glasgow's proud and long tradition of shipbuilding; and is predicated on the experience and professionalism of the workers and their trades unions, and a strong indication that Clyde shipbuilding continues to have a bright future." View Papers
(f)By Councillor Archie Graham:-

"Council congratulates the Glasgow Warriors Rugby Union team, the backroom staff, club employees, volunteers and supporters on becoming the first Scottish pro-team to win the Pro12 competition; notes that the competition brings together top sides from Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Wales; believes the emphatic manner of the victory in this year's final to be further evidence that Glasgow continues to be an Internationally renowned sporting city; and pledges to work with all sporting organisations within the City and beyond to continue this success." View Papers
(g)By Councillor David McDonald:-

"Council congratulates Glasgow Warriors on winning the Guinness Pro 12 Championship and recognises this historic achievement. Furthermore, Council congratulates the Warriors' management, players and supporters on the hard work and dedication of the club.

The Council also praises the excellent work undertaken in the local community, across the city and in supporting charitable work."  View Papers
(h)By Councillor Jennifer Dunn:-

"Council notes that 2015 is the 70th annual Glasgow Taxi Outing to Troon.

Council would like to record its thanks both to Glasgow Taxi Drivers and the people of Troon for their continuing efforts to support the children of Glasgow."  View Papers