Planning Applications Committee Agenda - 19 December 2006, 11:00 Help

A meeting to be held at at 11:00 on 19 December 2006.

Number Item
1Minutes of meeting of 12th December 2006. View Papers
Items for decision. 
2Applications for planning permission:-
(a)620-622 Alexandra Parade (Ward 32) - 06/03607/DC - Use of premises as extension to existing delicatessen in order to allow introduction of café (Public House Licence) and erection of rear flue. View Papers
(b)20 Arklet Road (Ward 51) - 06/01435/DC - Erection of extension to health centre/clinic and formation of off-street car parking; View Papers
(c)Stobhill Hospital, 133 Balornock Road (Ward 30) - 06/00582/DC - Erection of adolescent psychiatric unit and associated works;  View Papers
(d)Unit 9,1 Eastvale Place (Ward 16) - 06/02726/DC - Infilling of railway arch and use as Class 4; View Papers
(e)28 Esslemont Avenue (Ward 10) - 06/02027/DC - Erection of timber shed to rear garden of flat (Retrospective);  View Papers
(f)Firhill Stadium, 90 Firhill Road (Ward 24) - 06/03338/DC - Erection of 7/8-storey mixed use development comprising 41 residential flats and 2520 square metres of office accommodation with 3 levels of decked parking; View Papers
(g)6 Kinalty Road (Ward 73) - 06/03505/DC - Erection of 2-storey extension to side of dwellinghouse; View Papers
(h)132 Menock Road (Ward 76) - 06/02758/DC - Erection of single-storey side and rear extension to dwellinghouse; View Papers
(i)26 Moraine Avenue (Ward 3) - 05/04042/DC - Erection of 21 semi-detached dwellinghouses; View Papers
(j)37 Ormiston Avenue (Ward 10) - 06/03253/DC - Erection of single-storey rear extension to dwellinghouse; View Papers
(k)Site at east side of St Enoch Square/7St Enoch Square/Maxwell Street/Car Park 2 Stockwell Place/1 St Enoch Centre (Ward 17) - 06/02342/DC - Erection of extensions to shopping centre to include up to 17,277 square metres of retail floor space, up to 4,666 square metre of food and drink uses, up to 8,168 Square metres of leisure uses including cinema and casino, nightclub and bar/restaurant (Public House Licence), basement car parking, external alterations and alterations to vehicular access; View Papers
(l)14-16 St Vincent Place (Ward 17) - 06/01525/DC - Use of ground floor as bar/restaurant (Public House Licence); View Papers
(m)522 Sauchiehall Street (Ward 16) - 06/03493/DC - Use of bank as bar and nightclub (Entertainment Licence), including external alterations to frontage, roof and rooflights; View Papers
(n)763 Shettleston Road (Ward 44) - 06/03475/DC - Frontage alterations and erection of rear flue and rear extension at café (Class 3); and View Papers
(o)38 Woodend Drive (Ward 8) - 06/02919/DC - Erection of 2-storey extension to side of dwellinghouse.  View Papers
3Applications for planning permission and listed building consent:-
(a)1 Belhaven Terrace (Ward 13) - 06/01303/DC & 06/01304/DC - Conversion of hostel to form 6 flats and internal and external alterations;  View Papers
(b)226 Hope Street (Ward 17) - 05/03052/DC & 05/03223/DC - Formation of new balcony and stair and relocation of air conditioning unit; and View Papers
(c)Storey 2/1, 163 West George Street (Ward 17) - 06/03426/DC & 06/03427/DC - Internal and external alterations to include the installation of 2 condenser units to roof. View Papers
4Application for amendment of planning permission:-

117 Riverford Road (Ward 71) - 06/02716/DC - Erection of extension to superstore. View Papers
5304 Albert Drive (Ward 65) - Erection of single-storey side and rear extension - Application for planning permission - Appeal sustained - Report by Director of Development and Regeneration Services. View Papers
Items for noting. 
6Outcome of appeals determined by the First Minister - Reports by Director of Development and Regeneration Services:-
(a)for the period from 1 April 2005 - 31 March 2006; and  View Papers
(b)for the period from 1 - 30 November 2006. View Papers