Planning Applications Committee Agenda - 24 April 2007, 11:00 Help

A meeting to be held at at 11:00 on 24 April 2007.

Number Item
1Minutes of meeting of 17th April 2007. View Papers
Items for decision. 
2Applications for planning permission:-
(a)25 Cleveden Drive (Ward 9) - 06/04166/DC - External alterations to existing mews with link to main house, alterations to wall, formation of gate, erection of detached garage, formation of hardstanding and gate to rear garden of dwellinghouse; View Papers
(b)9 Cordiner Street (Ward 74) - 07/00365/DC - Alterations to shopfront and installation of air conditioning unit to roof of shop; View Papers
(c)19 Coylton Road (Ward 73) - 07/00014/DC - Removal of 2 windows and installation of timber patio doors to rear elevation of dwellinghouse; View Papers
(d)Site at 45 Finnieston Street (Ward 17) - 07/00403/DC - Erection of 3-storey rooftop extension, new service core, rebuilding retails units and cladding of building; View Papers
(e)Anniesland College, 19 Hatfield Drive (Ward 8) - 06/04127/DC - Erection of further education college with associated site regrading works, car parking and landscaping; View Papers
(f)Flat 3/2, 89 Hill Street (Ward 16) - 06/04075/DC - Installation of 2 rooflights to rear roof slope of flat; View Papers
(g)Flat 2/1, 47 Hoddam Avenue (Ward 79) - 06/01958/DC - Use of 2nd floor flat as office (Temporary); View Papers
(h)Site at Park Circus Lane/Park Quadrant (Ward 16) - 06/03456/DC - Erection of residential development comprising 107 flats, off street car parking and associated landscaping; View Papers
(i)Cathcart House, 42 Spean Street (Ward 73) - 06/01176/DC - Formation of additional car parking; View Papers
(j)Flat 2/2, 23 Tormusk Road (Ward 79) - 06/02701/DC - Use of 2nd floor flat as office (Temporary); View Papers
(k)3 Trongate (Ward 17) - 07/00219/DC - Use of retail premises as café with sealed unit cooking; View Papers
(l)9A Victoria Road (Ward 67) - 06/03904/DC - Erection of residential development (77 units) and associated car parking at basement and ground level (Amendment of previous consent to create an additional unit, removal of rear amenity deck and erection of electricity sub-station); View Papers
(m)15 Winton Drive (Ward 9) - 06/01123/DC - Erection of decking, shed and fencing in garden of dwellinghouse. View Papers
3Applications for planning permission and listed building consent:-
(a)Site of footpath at 74 Buchanan Street (Ward 17) - 07/00709/DC & 07/00710/DC - Outdoor seating in Buchanan Street (associated with existing Class 3 use) and in McCormick Lane with associated servery and canopy within McCormick Lane (in association with existing Public House use); View Papers
(b)54 Cook Street (Ward 54) - 06/04137/DC & 06/04161/DC - Internal and external alterations associated with the conversion of buildings to form 33 flats and erection of residential block of 19 units within courtyard; View Papers
(c)162 Holmlea Road (Ward 74) - 06/03073/DC & 06/03074/DC - Internal and external alterations to shopfront including installation of ATM and associated litter bin and sign; View Papers
(d)38 Nithsdale Road (Ward 68) - 07/00344/DC & 07/00345/DC - Use of office (Class 2) as café (Class 3) with microwave cooking only, frontage alterations, formation of balanced flue vent to rear and use of footway for outdoor tables and seating area; and View Papers
(e)325 Sauchiehall Street (Ward 17) - 07/00327/DC & 07/00633/DC - Use of shop (Class 1) as hot food takeaway (Sui Generis) and erection of ventilation flue to rear elevation and internal alterations. View Papers
4Application for amendment of planning permission:-

17 Kensington Gate Lane (Ward 13) - 06/03701/DC - Variation of Condition 2 of previous consent 04/02634/DC for the erection of 2 mews houses to upgrade lane after development has been completed. View Papers
5Applications for outline planning permission:-
(a)23 Cook Street (Ward 54) - 03/03406/DC - Erection of mixed use development comprising of residential, community facilities, Class 2 and Class 3 ground floor units, car parking and accesses; and View Papers
(b)Site at M77/Waukglen Road/Leggatson Road (Ward 62) - 06/02143/DC - Erection of a mixed use development consisting of strategic business/business/office uses (Class 4 business, Class 5 general industrial, Class 6 storage or distribution); community facilities (Class 1 shops, Class 2 financial, professional and other services and Class 10 non-residential institutions); tavern and associated play area (Class 3 food and drink and public house); residential (Class 9 houses); hotel and associated leisure/public house/restaurant/function and meeting room uses (Class 3 food and drink, Class 7 hotels and hostels, Class 11 assembly and leisure and public house); formation of and alterations to roads, cycle and pedestrian accesses; landscaping, site engineering and drainage works (to follow).
6Application for district approval:-

Site adjacent to allotment gardens at Duchray Street (Ward 39) - 07/00657/DC - Part use of park as allotments with landscaping, parking and associated works including boundary treatment. View Papers