Planning Applications Committee Agenda - 12 February 2008, 11:00 Help

A meeting to be held at at 11:00 on 12 February 2008.

Number Item
Items for decision. 
1Applications for planning permission:-
(a)1 Bothwell Lane (Ward 11) - 06/02510/DC - Use of vacant premises as dwelinghouse including lowering of ground floor and installation of new floor level;  View Papers
(b)47 Broad Street (Ward 9) - 07/03345/DC - Installation of telecommunication equipment on roof of non-domestic property; View Papers
(c)248 Clarkston Road (Ward 1) - 07/02889/DC - Use of petrol filling station as car sales; View Papers
(d)1111 Edinburgh Road (Ward 18) - 07/03569/DC - External alteration and sub division of retail unit (Class 1) and erection of 2 additional retail units (Class 1); View Papers
(e)Site to rear of 87 Hallydown Drive (Ward 12) - 07/01566/DC - Erection of dwellinghouse with new vehicular access;  View Papers
(f)Site of proposed housing adjacent to 1092 Maryhill Road (Ward 15) - 07/03088/DC - Erection of 6-storey residential development with 22 flats, associated road access, car parking and landscaping; View Papers
(g)13 Onslow Drive Flat 1 (Ward 18) - 07/03143/DC - Formation of rooflights to rear roofslope of flatted residential development; View Papers
(h)Site of Perth Street/Argyle Street (Ward 10) - 07/03713/DC - Erection of residential development, associated residential parking and landscaping; View Papers
(i)32 Springboig Avenue (Ward 20) - 07/03766/DC - Erection of 17.5 metre telecommunication monopole with associated equipment; and View Papers
(j)480-482 St Vincent Street (Ward 10) - 07/03710/DC - Installation of ATM in shop frontage.  View Papers
2Application for planning permission and listed building consent:-

1-3 Ashton Road (Ward 11) - 07/01507/DC, 07/01508/DC - Use of residential property as 2 doctors' surgeries (Class 2), erection of disabled access ramp, extension of rear dormer and internal and external alterations. View Papers
3Application for planning permission and advertisement consent:-

377 Argyle Street (Ward 10) - 07/03739/DC, 07/03717/DC - Frontage alterations to hotel and display of internally illuminated panel and lettering. View Papers