Planning Applications Committee Agenda - 12 August 2008, 11:00 Help

A meeting to be held at at 11:00 on 12 August 2008.

Number Item
Items for decision. 
1Applications for planning permission:-
(a)15 Crookston Drive (Ward 4) - 08/01255/DC - Erection of single-storey side extension to children's nursery; View Papers
(b)15 Crookston Drive (Ward 4) - 08/01254/DC - Retention of temporary building for use as annexe to children's nursery; View Papers
(c)254 Great Western Road (Ward 11) - 08/00966/DC - Installation of ATM to shopfront; View Papers
(d)Site at 2331 Great Western Road (Ward 14) - 08/00125/DC - Erection of flatted residential development with associated landscaping, parking and formation of new access; View Papers
(e)37 Midlem Oval (Ward 4) - 08/01901/DC - Formation of front garden parking; View Papers
(f)Site on footpath adjacent to car park on Osborne Street (Ward 10) - 08/01662/DC - Erection of 2 bus shelters and relocation of 2 bus shelters; and View Papers
(g)81 Port Dundas Road (Ward 10) - 08/01736/DC - Erection of gate at entrance of residential development. View Papers
2Applications for planning permission and listed building consent:-
(a)1 Botanic Crescent (Ward 16) - 07/01666/DC and 07/01667/DC - Sub-division of building to form 5 flats including formation of front dormers and internal and external alterations; and View Papers
(b)58 Ingram Street (Ward 10) - 08/01109/DC and 08/01435/DC - Use of shop as restaurant (Class 3) and external alterations including installation of awnings, frontage alterations and erection of flue (Refreshment Licence);  View Papers
3Application for planning permission and conservation area consent:-

Site bounded by Otago Street/Kelvingrove Park/Kelvin Way/Gibson Street (Ward 11) - 07/02810/DC and 07/02811/DC - Erection of primary school building with associated landscaping and car parking, resurfacing of playing pitch and erection of replacement Parks depot building. View Papers
4Application for planning permission and advertisement consent:-

Site outside 142 West Regent Street (Ward 10) - 08/01677/DC and 08/01678/DC - Erection of bus shelter and display of 1 double sided internally illuminated advertising poster panel, illuminated identification panel, non-illuminated public information panel and LED panel on bus shelter. View Papers