Glasgow City Council Agenda - 13 September 2018, 13:00 Help

A meeting to be held at City Chambers, Glasgow at 13:00 on 13 September 2018.

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1Minutes of previous meeting of 28th June 2018 (Print 3, pages 159 to 167). View Papers
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5Interim Report on a review of Governance and Accountability Arrangements in Glasgow City Council - Report by Council Business Manager View Papers
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(a)City Administration Committee - Appoint Kyle Thornton as substitute;
(b)Planning Applications Committee - Remove Phillip Charles and appoint Euan Blockley; and
(c)Workforce Boards - Remove Robert Connelly and appoint Thomas Kerr.
8Representation on outside bodies - Glasgow Building Preservation Trust - Remove Robert Connelly and appoint Kyle Thornton. View Papers
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11Notices of motions.
(a)By Bailie Josephine Docherty:-

"Council congratulates all staff and volunteers involves in Glasgow 2018 and partner agencies including Glasgow Life in the successful delivery of the inaugural European Championships 2018. Council notes that Glasgow and Berlin co-hosted the multi-sport event which saw 4,500 athletes from 52 nations compete, with new European Champions crowned in a total of 187 medal events representing 33 countries.

Council notes that the programme of accessible and international cultural events alongside the Championships capitalised on our world-renowned, reputation for creative excellence and enabled people across the City to participate, as did the volunteer opportunities.

Council applauds the promotion of the City, and recognises that the Championships were broadcast across the world with more than 3,500 hours of free-to-air programming across 43 territories in Europe, and were estimated to reach an audience of approximately 1.03 billion viewers.

Council believes that the Championships consolidated Glasgow as number one city in the world in the sport legacy category; is confident that this relationship will be enhanced by the European Indoor Athletics Championships 2019, European Short Course Swimming Championships 2019 and 2020 UEFA European Championships; and pledges to secure other world class sporting events.

Council further believes that the Championships met our strategic aim of being a World Class City committed to competing internationally with the best cities in the world for investment, business and events.

Council commits to building upon our relationship with Berlin, Germany and other participants as part of our International Strategy; and work with the Scottish Government and others to hold a follow up event to consolidate our reputation as the global gateway to Scotland." View Papers
(b)By Councillor Malcolm Cunning:-

"Council notes that Glasgow is the cultural and economic powerhouse of Scotland, attracting over two million tourists to our city every year to visit our cultural institutions and attend the world-leading events that the city hosts, including most recently the European Championships and the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Tourism is of vital importance to the city of Glasgow and the wider region, and is estimated to be worth over 500m to the Glasgow economy, supporting 30,000 jobs.

Council further notes the recent announcement by COSLA that Scottish Local Authorities should be given powers to introduce a 'Transient Visitors Tax', and that the design and level of such a tax should be set by the Local Authority in question, after significant engagement. This announcement comes after successive budget consultations undertaken by this Council have shown support for the broad principle of a Transient Visitors Tax.

Council believes that, in light of the city's target for a million more tourists by 2023, tourism will continue to grow in the city and grow in economic value. However, while the city's economy benefits from growing tourism, it is Glasgow's citizens that bear the costs associated with tourism, and that no part of the income generated can at present be systematically reinvested to support the necessary infrastructure.

Council therefore believes that the introduction of a Transient Visitors Tax would allow for greater investment in those assets that attract and support visitors to the city, and help to improve the quality of services that the city is able to provide. Council believes that a flat rate levy of 1 a night could raise a much needed 4m for the city over a year, or that a levy of 5% of the room cost could raise more than three times that amount.

Council therefore resolves to support COSLA's calls for the power to be devolved to Scottish Local Authorities and further instructs the Chief Executive of the Council to write to the Scottish Government's Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government, and the First Minister, detailing this Council's support for these proposals." View Papers
(c)By Bailie Kyle Thornton:-

"Council recognises the important role which the city's parks play in the everyday lives of Glaswegians providing spaces for recreation, exercise and leisure for residents and visitors. Council further recognises the diversity of parks in our city from large parks such as Glasgow Green and Pollok Country Park to smaller local parks which provide for local communities across Glasgow.

Council agrees that the "Dear Green Place" must ensure that its parks and recreation spaces are kept to a good standard.

Council notes concerns across a number of communities this year as to the condition of local parks especially across the summer season. Council notes that the Parks Strategy is currently being considered by committees of this Council.

Council requests that the Chief Executive ensures the following:

(A) That all parks, no matter their size, are maintained to a good standard to allow Glasgow's residents and visitors to make the most of them.

(B) That the Council looks at what funding sources are available to secure investment into improving Glasgow's parks.

(C) That Friends of Parks groups and local communities are consulted about what ideas, concerns and ambitions they have for their local parks and are consulted when changes are proposed for parks in their community."  View Papers
(d)By Councillor Kim Long:-

"Glasgow City Council condemns the hostile environment policies of the UK Home Office which have given rise to the pernicious threat of lock changes and evictions by Serco Group.

Council rejects the notion of a 'failed' asylum seeker and instead declares that all people seeking asylum are being failed by a system that makes it nearly impossible to win. Given the high rate of successful appeals, it is imperative that people have housing and subsistence support to provide basic dignity whilst pursuing their legal case.

We urge the Scottish Government to enact the recommendations to the 2017 Equalities and Human Rights Commission report, including the creation of a Scottish anti-destitution strategy, a new Scottish Government advocacy service and the creation of a national practitioners' network.

Council believes forced destitution is a shameful practice that causes physical and mental harm for individuals, and extra strain on public services. Glasgow will stand against forced evictions and lock changes, and will continue to work in partnership with third-sector organisations to strengthen homelessness provision for destitute people with No Recourse to Public Funds." View Papers
(e)By Bailie Russell Robertson:-

"Council welcomes the signing of the Concordat between Glasgow City Council and Glasgow's Third Sector Interface following the Third Sector Summit.

Council recognises the value of the Third Sector as a main economic sector powerhouse for the City; providing vital services; innovative social enterprises that are at that forefront of shaping inclusive economies; and our knowledge society, informing better policy and practice.

Council appreciates the consultation and engagement that led to this co-production was based upon, and is an example of, how the City can develop that working relationship in identifying areas of future collaboration for the benefit of the citizens of this City.

Council recognises that this is a step change in the relationship between the City and the Third Sector and represents a new way of working for all across the Council and the Third Sector and people led groups and bodies. Council believes that the Concordat signals a commitment to a new partnership approach to tackling poverty and supporting people across the City.

Council encourages the Glasgow Family, and wider public sector in Glasgow to adopt the Concordat. Council instructs the Chief Executive to implement the Concordat and work plan across the Council and commits to another Summit later this year to chart the progress and impact of the Concordat".  View Papers
(f)By Councillor Elaine McDougall:-

"Council notes the recent announcement by Richard Leonard MSP, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, and Pauline McNeill MSP, an elected representative of this city, for a 'Mary Barbour Law' to help solve Scotland's housing crisis. Such a law would empower residents in the ever expanding private rented sector and help to control unaffordable rent increases by linking increases in rents to improvements in standards.

Council further notes that Mary Barbour, a former Bailie of this city, was a leader of the famous rent strikes in 1915 which led to the Rents and Mortgage Interest Restriction Act of that same year.

Council believes that a Mary Barbour Law is necessary given the increase in the private rented sector in Glasgow, which has more than doubled since 2001, and that increases in rents have outstripped increases in wages, pushing higher the cost of living for young adults and families with children, who constitute the majority of tenants in the private rented sector.

Council welcomes recent increases in funding available for house building in Glasgow in future years, after successive budgets which constrained the ability to meet demand for new socially rented and mid-market rent housing. However, it also recognises that this increase in funding is a response to the emerging housing crisis that is taking place in the country.

Council therefore resolves to support calls for a Mary Barbour Law and Pauline McNeill MSP's proposed Members' Bill, and instructs the Chief Executive to write to Ms McNeill outlining the Council's support for her Members' Bill." View Papers
(g)By Councillor David Meikle:-

"Council recognises the 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and welcomes the various events that are taking place across Glasgow in celebration of his life and work.

Council notes the many unique Mackintosh buildings across the city as well as the various items of design and furniture which his work inspired. Council further notes and celebrates the long association of Glasgow and Mackintosh.

Council notes its concerns with the condition of the Glasgow School of Art, seen as Mackintosh's 'masterpiece', and agrees it will do what it can to preserve this building as part of Glasgow's architectural history.

Council calls on the administration to charge service departments and ALEOs with improving the knowledge and marketing of Mackintosh beyond this important anniversary to ensure that Mackintosh's legacy and contribution to Glasgow continues to be recognised." View Papers