Wellbeing, Empowerment, Community and Citizen Engagement City Policy Committee Agenda - 04 March 2021, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at By video conference at 13:30 on 04 March 2021.

Number Item
1Petition - Segregated Cycle Lanes at the Kelvin Way-University Avenue Junction - Review Local Traffic Priorities to Optimise Road Safety - Report by Director of Governance and Solicitor to the Council (Strategic Plan Priority Number 55 and 92). View Papers
2Glasgow Begging Strategy - Report by Councillor Allan Casey, Chair of the Glasgow Begging Strategy Working Group (Strategic Plan Priority Numbers 38, 46, 86 and 95). View Papers
3Tackling Gambling Related Harms in Glasgow - Report by Chief Executive (Strategic Plan Priority Number 38). View Papers
4Glasgow's Strategic Volunteering Update - Report by Chief Executive, Glasgow Life (Strategic Plan Priority Numbers 13, 29 and 86). View Papers
5Work Programme - Report by Director of Community Empowerment and Equalities (Strategic Plan Priority Number 92). View Papers