Planning Applications Committee Agenda - 16 January 2007, 11:00 Help

A meeting to be held at at 11:00 on 16 January 2007.

Number Item
1Minutes of meeting of 19th December 2006. View Papers
Items for decision. 
2Applications for planning permission:-
(a)1 Clifton Place (Ward 16) - 06/03724/DC - Installation of 1 transmission dish and ancillary equipment to existing rooftop telecommunication site; View Papers
(b)71-75 Hyndland Street (Ward 15) - 06/00968/DC - Installation of 3 air condenser units to rear of tenement and erection of galvanised mesh enclosure (Retrospective); View Papers
(c)Land to north of 14-16 Linthaugh Road (Ward 59) - 06/01677/DC - Erection of 6 cottages for residents with special needs and associated car parking;  View Papers
(d)Maryhill Shopping Centre, 1201 Maryhill Road (Ward 20) - 04/02297/DC - Demolition of shopping centre, erection of shopping centre (24 hour opening) and formation of service accesses; View Papers
(e)Site to rear of 8 Royal Crescent (Ward 16) - 06/02228/DC - Erection of mews dwelling to rear of listed building;  View Papers
(f)Site to rear of 6 Royal Crescent (Ward 16) - 06/02227/DC - Erection of mews dwelling to rear of listed building; and View Papers
(g)1129-1131 Tollcross Road (Ward 43) - 06/03267/DC - Use of premises as restaurant (Class 3) with ancillary takeaway. View Papers
3Site on footpath adjacent to Kelhead Path on Sandwood Road (Ward 57) - Installation of 15 metre high monopole and 2 ancillary equipment cabinets - Application for planning permission - Appeal sustained - Report by Director of Development and Regeneration Services. View Papers