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Date Section Type Description
06/05/2022 Section 1 Remuneration BAE Systems, Aerospace, Data Analyst
06/05/2022 Section 2 Other roles None
06/05/2022 Section 3 Contracts None
10/06/2022 Section 4 Election Expenses 842.09
06/05/2022 Section 5 Houses, Land and Buildings Property in Glasgow City Council Ward 3, Greater Pollok
06/05/2022 Section 6 Interest in Shares and Securities None
06/05/2022 Section 7 Gifts and Hospitality I will only accept Gifts & Hospitality offered to me in line with the guidance contained within the Councillors' Code of Conduct.
06/05/2022 Section 8 Non-Financial Interests Secretary of KWS, Scotalnd
Secretary of ILC, Darnley, Scotland
Board Member of WSREC
06/05/2022 Section 9 Close Family Members None