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Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour 2019
Panda Bears Picnic
Provan Hall House
30 March 2019

6.30pm until 9.30pm

Panda wants all her friends to join her at Provan Hall House for an animal adventure, she's even invited some enchanted creatures from the forests to play and explore with us!

Come and meet the Magical Unicorn, Bouncy Fawn, and watch our amazing Fire Performance from the Wood Elves.

Panda would like to see you all bring a blanket, your favourite stuffed animal and as many reusable items as possible so that our rubbish doesn't harm the beautiful planet we share with our animal friends.

There will be plenty of games and activities for everyone and you can have your face painted like your favourite animal or visit the story tellers tent while you are here!

There is also free tea and coffee for adults who bring their own reusable cup.

When packing for panda bears picnic let's try to avoid plastics that are thrown away after one use!

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