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Glasgow City Council's Strategic Plan 2017-2022 set out a commitment to "Review how we fund third sector and community groups to reflect a partnership approach and simplifying procedures".  We've been working with Glasgow Third Sector Interface Network (GTSIN) and other partners, to develop a new fund to be in place from 1 April 2020.

The new fund will be used to tackle specific city priorities, allowing resources to be directed where they are needed most and can make the biggest impact on the lives of our citizens.

Why are we developing a new fund?

Since the introduction of the 2015-18 Integrated Grant Fund (IGF) Programme and its extension into 2018/19 and 2019/20, there have been a number of significant changes in the financial, political and strategic landscape including:

  • Election of a new Council Administration in May 2017;
  • Changes in partnership structures such as the establishment of the Health and Social Care Partnership;
  • The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015;
  • Development of Community Plan and Local Outcome Improvement Plans; and
  • The sustained pressure on the Council's Finances.  

Additionally, the current IGF programmes were informed by, and linked to, the then Single Outcome Agreement and Scottish Government National Outcomes. The programmes were also designed to encompass a broad range of services that were delivered via a number of previous legacy funds such as the Community Regeneration Fund and Fairer Scotland Fund.

It is timely to develop a new fund that addresses the current, emerging and future challenges that Glasgow will face.

Further information is available in this briefing note. pdf icon Grant Fund Development Briefing Note 1 [259kb]


The development of the new fund is underpinned by the following 8 objectives:

  • Objective 1: to consider and determine the policy priorities for the fund;
  • Objective 2: to establish new funding programmes and outcomes to deliver on the policy priorities;
  • Objective 3: to improve access to the fund and consider eligibility criteria;
  • Objective 4: to consider the funding model to be used as the basis for determining how funds are allocated;
  • Objective 5: to examine how we can fund projects for longer than a year and how we facilitate reporting on spending;
  • Objective 6: to rationalise grant administration processes and procedures including consideration of e-based applications and processes;
  • Objective 7: to rebrand and promote the new fund to clearly convey its values and vision; and
  • Objective 8: to develop an approach to evaluation/impact of programmes that enables sharing and replication of good practice and informed decision making.

Developing a new fund presents a unique opportunity to learn lessons from the past but also to jointly develop ambitious new plans.

Stakeholder Engagement Events

As part of the development of the new fund, Glasgow City Council recently worked in partnership with colleagues in the GTSIN to deliver Stakeholder Engagement Events for third sector organisations. These were held during March and April 2019.

These events brought parties together to discuss their views on a range of issues including the types of programmes and principles that the new fund could be built around and how partners can work together to deliver this, taking into consideration the potentially limited resources that are available.

A summary report can be viewed  pdf icon here [498kb].

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