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Green Year 2015

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Glasgow's Green Year - From Steam to Green

In 2015 Glasgow is holding its first Green themed year, celebrating our aspiration to be one of the most sustainable cities around. Glasgow as a city has never stood still, and 2015 will be no exception, with a range of exciting events activities throwing a spotlight on our ambition to be a green city pioneer.

The 2015 programme brings together education, innovation, communities, and creativity in ways that help to strengthen our local and international partnerships, putting the city firmly on the map as a champion of green. People make Glasgow greener, and we want to show off The Dear Green Place and what's possible when the citizens of Glasgow come together to build a more sustainable future for our city.

From outdoors to indoors to overnight stays, film showings, festivals, local projects and competitions - there are a range of different events for everyone to enjoy. View the calendar, follow us on twitter, or download the Green Year 2015 app to get details of upcoming events.

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