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Glasgow Town Centre Action Programme Grant Fund

What is it?

The Grant fund is aimed at delivering projects which drive economic activity and create successful, inclusive and vibrant local town centres. This programme funded by Scottish Government is being administered through Glasgow City Council which is delivering through 3 strands of work which includes this programme to support locally delivered projects.   

Applications are invited before the 4th of November 2019 and the programme runs to March 2020.

Glasgow's Town Centre Action Fund

Glasgow has been allocated £3.01m from this fund to reinvigorate town centres in the City's neighbourhoods in recognition of them as a focus of community life as well as significant source of employment for local people. The City has 36 Town Centres as set out in the City Development Plan ranging from the City Centre to 5 major town centres and 30 local town centres.

There has been significant funding and investment in the City's Town Centres over the past five years drawing on funding streams such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, City Deal, Glasgow City Council, Scottish Government, and Developer Contributions.

These include:

Building on the experience in delivering these projects this Action Plan is targeting further investment in the City's neighbourhood town centres to create more diverse, inclusive and sustainable uses.

Other Strands of work in the Town Centre Action Plan

The Action Plan has two other strands of work:

  1. Development of four Pantries in existing Town Centre premises to provide an alternative to the food bank model of free crisis provision. Pantries offer dignity and choice in exchange for a subscription and/or membership fee, targeting those on a low income and/or recovering from crisis.

    Projects will be delivered through partnerships with local delivery agencies, to maximise the reach and impact of the funding as well as supporting the Council's commitment to Inclusive Growth. The inclusion of Pantries will bring additional footfall to the Town Centres, further stimulating economic activity.
  2. Works to reinvigorate and re purpose the historic buildings which contribute significantly to Town Centres, but which are currently not meeting their full potential for community benefit. Under this programme two libraries (Parkhead and Elderpark) together with the Tollcross Winter Gardens will be refurbished and community use enhanced.

More information can be found here.

How do I apply?

To apply for funding through this programme please read the terms and conditions attached to the front of the application form

Please download and save the application form onto your device, then complete the fields and return completed form to us by Email.


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