The Council's properties are covered by a variety of CCTV (closed circuit television) systems. These systems are designed primarily to protect the buildings from theft or vandalism; some systems are also intended to help protect staff. As a general rule, CCTV footage is retained for seven days unless there is a particular reason for specific footage to be retained for longer.

Many of the cameras are connected to an alarm receiving centre operated on behalf of the Council by Glasgow Community and Safety Services (Community Safety Glasgow). Community Safety Glasgow do not use the footage from these cameras for any purpose other than to assist the Council in safeguarding its property and protecting the people within the buildings in question, and the Council remains data controller of this information. Council-operated CCTV systems are all clearly labelled with distinctive black on yellow signage with the image of a CCTV camera, the Council's mark, and the caption "Preventing Crime. Promoting public safety." The Council has a policy of charging a £10 fee for processing subject access requests which include CCTV footage (this is not refundable even if no footage is located).

The City of Glasgow also benefits from an extensive network of public space monitoring CCTV. This public space monitoring network is managed and controlled by Community Safety Glasgow, and signage on public space CCTV should indicate this. (The public space CCTV system was previously operated and controlled by the Council and there may still be some older signs in place indicating that the cameras are controlled by the Council; these are being progressively replaced with the Community Safety Glasgow signage).

All queries regarding public space CCTV should be directed to Community Safety Glasgow.